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Professional Goals

Upon graduating from IUP in August of 2012, my immediate goal is to be accepted into Conemaugh School of Nursing and begin nursing school at the end of August 2012. I believe that I can excel in Conemaugh's rigorous program because I will be entering the program with a college degree already under my belt. I also have a solid background in anatomy, physiology and exercise physiology as well as diet therapy, all of which will prepare me to enter the field of nursing with confidence.

In the summer of 2014, I plan to graduate from Conemaugh School of Nursing with a nursing certificate and begin my career as a registered nurse in the Johnstown area, preferably at Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center.

Five years from now, in 2016, I plan to have chosen a specialty area of nursing in which to become certified. I also hope to complete my Bachelor's Degree of Science in Nursing around this time as well.

Purpose & Philosophy

The purpose of this portfolio is to exemplify the skills I have obtained throughout my undergraduate years and to demonstrate how these skills will aid in my success as a future nursing student and registered nurse.

Nurses provide hope when all hope seems lost. They provide compassion and care to those who suffer and take action in maintaining the health of the patients they serve. They collaborate with other members of the healthcare team to assure excellent care to every individual, every time.


Nicole E. Brownlee

513 Cherry Lane                                                                    E-mail: [email protected]

Johnstown, PA 15904                                                              Phone: (814) 248-5652


Indiana University of Pennsylvania                Indiana, PA                  January 2011-present

·Bachelor of Science in Nutrition-Nutrition Track

·Dean’s List: 2 of 2 semesters

·Anticipated Graduation: August 2012

Slippery Rock University                                Slippery Rock, PA        August 2008-December 2011

·Undergraduate Student of Exercise and Rehabilitative Sciences

·Dean’s List: 2 of 5 semesters

Work Experience:

Shift Leader

The Meadows Original Frozen Custard          Johnstown, PA            August 2006-present

·Train new employees

·Direct current employees

·Open and close store

·Operate machinery

·Provide customer service

Desk Attendant

HUB Fitness Center                                        Indiana, PA                  May 2011-September 2011

·Allowed gym access to guests

·Cleaned facility

·Opened or closed facility

·Provided customer service

Slippery Rock University

Alpha Xi Delta Sorority                                                          September 2009-April 2010

·Proctored study tables in library

·Developed networking skills

·Influenced women to realize their potential

·Participated in fundraising and volunteer activities

Run Club                                                                                  September 2008-December 2010

·Ran with fellow students and professors

·Set examples of healthy, active lifestyle

·Gained out-of-classroom experience

Volunteer Experience:

Special Olympics                                Slippery Rock, PA        October 2009

·Directed teams to appropriate areas

·Provided support for participants


Nicole Brownlee is currently a senior at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) majoring in Nutrition and minoring in Psychology with a current QPA of 3.89. She transferred to IUP in the Spring of 2011 from Slippery Rock University (SRU) where she majored in Exercise Science for two and a half years. Nicole is graduating from IUP in the Summer of 2012 and seeks to attend Conemaugh School of Nursing at the end of August.

Nicole has a solid background in anatomy, physiology and exercise physiology. Her time spent as an Exercise Science student at SRU has taught her how to be a leader and also how work with others as part of a team. Nicole also has experience with diet therapy techniques as well as evidence based practice information obtained through IUP's Nutrition program. In addition to her stellar academic record, Nicole also has sharp time management skills. These skills have been demonstrated by her ability to be a member of Alpha Xi Delta sorority and Run Club and still maintain good grades.

Nicole is a dynamic student who thrives off of hands-on learning. She is prepared to face the field of nursing with confidence with the skills and knowledge she has gained during her undergraduate years.


Jan 2011Present

Bachelor of Science

Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Aug 2008Dec 2010

Slippery Rock University

Work experience

Aug 2006Present

Shift Leader

The Meadows Original Frozen Custard

I began working at The Meadows when I was 16 years old. Throughout the years and since proving my responsibility, I have been given the title of shift leader. As shift leader, I hold a key to the store and am in charge of opening and/or closing the facility. I operate the machinery to make the frozen custard, provide customer service, count the registers, maintain cleanliness of the facility and help train new employees.

May 2011Sep 2011

Desk Attendant

The Hub Fitness Center

The Hub Fitness Center is the on-campus fitness facility at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP). This job had a variety of tasks. For instance, I worked behind the desk and scanned students' ID cards for access into the gym. I was also responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the facility and making sure all gym equipment was organized.


Time Management
I have demonstrated my ability to handle multiple activities during my undergraduate years. For instance, as already stated, I was a member of Alpha Xi Delta sorority. This organization required a substantial amount of my time with various activities and meetings, yet I was still able to maintain good grades in my classes. Alpha Xi Delta   In addition, I was also involved in Run Club during my time at Slippery Rock University. Run Club was an exercise science-based club in which students and professors met twice a week to take a 3.1 mile run across campus. The mission was to demonstrate a healthy, active lifestyle and to inspire others to take part. Photo of the Run Club group on Halloween, dressed in costumes
Over my undergraduate years, I have sharpened my leadership skills. During my sophomore year at Slippery Rock University, I chose to become a Gemstone Mentor. Gemstone Mentors receive the name and contact information of an incoming freshman in the Exercise Science program. As a mentor, I contacted my assigned freshman student and answered any questions he had about college. I acted as a role model and gave him pieces of advice for success in the Exercise Science program. Documentation of being a Gemstone Mentor   In addition, as part of my Methods of Teaching course in IUP's nutrition program, I taught a group of children a short lesson relating to nutrition. I taught the lesson at Indiana Free Library and acted as a leader by demonstrating healthy eating habits that lead to an overall healthy lifestyle. I also allowed the children to demonstrate how fruits and vegetables grow by allowing them to partake in a gardening activity. Photo with children during the library lesson
My undergraduate years have given me many areas to develop a sense of teamwork. For instance, I acted as team captain for a relay team in the 2009 Pittsburgh Marathon. I kept teammates up to date with news about the upcoming race and also with ways to prepare for the race. In addition to acting as a team leader, I was also a member of the relay team, demonstrating the ability to work together as one unit for a common goal. Documentation of my role as Team Captain for a relay in the 2009 Pittsburgh Marathon Photo of me and a few teammates from the race   Another example of my sense of teamwork occurred during my sophomore year at Slippery Rock. As a member of Alpha Xi Delta, I was involved in various philanthropic fundraising activities. Alpha Xi Delta's philanthropy is Autism Speaks, and our chapter put together a program called "Xi Man" in order to raise money for the cause. As a member, I worked together with my sisters to help spread the word about the program and also helped sell tickets the night of the event. Photo of me and two of my sorority sisters from Xi Man   Another teamwork activity in which I participated was the 2009 Week of Welcome at Slippery Rock University. I volunteered to help new freshman move into their dorms on move-in day and worked with other group members to accomplish this task efficiently. Photo with me and another volunteer during the Week of Welcome
Work Ethic
I have been employed by the Meadows Frozen Custard for over five years and have earned the title of shift leader for my characteristics of responsibility, honesty and hard work. As shift leader, I hold a key to the store and am in charge of opening and/or closing the facility. I have experience with counting the registers at night and also with training new employees. Photo with Me and my Assistant Manager   At the HUB Fitness Center, I also demonstrated my responsible work ethic by maintaining the cleanliness and organization of the facility without needing to be told. If I was in the fitness center and noticed that something was dirty, I would automatically go and clean it.