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Writing Sample #1

I love going to the movies, I have a lot of respect for actors and actresses, but when athletes try and imitate actors, I feel they should be punished for copyright infringement or something along those lines.

I have been an international soccer referee for over twenty years and I have seen these absolutely disgraceful “athletes” perform their Oscar worthy performances. Sports used to be an outlet for men, where men could watch men be men and root for manly men. Now it seems as though these athletes have started to get soft and emotional. I believe I, as a referee, need to start putting my fist down and do my part in stopping this abysmal behavior.

This behavior is not only in soccer; it is in Basketball and surprisingly Hockey. Sydney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins Hockey Club is the most notorious in the NHL and is also considered the biggest star of the NHL. This is disgraceful. If you can’t take a hit or can’t grow a beard in the NHL you cannot be the poster boy. Now, I think this is a joke and I believe all three sports need to buckle down and punish their players for faking injuries and diving.

I have come up with, in my opinion, a very modest and forgiving solution to this outrageous behavior. If a player cannot provide solid and believable evidence that he was injured during a suspicious “injury” he will be kicked out of his designated league. I am positive that this punishment is sufficient and the players will agree that it is necessary to prevent these fake injuries. However, if the leagues do not agree, I have another proposal that is a little on the easy side but it still could work. If a player cannot provide solid and believable evidence that he was injured during a suspicious “injury” he will suspended from playing for 2 games. This will barely be enough motivation for athletes to stop but it will be enough for now. Until the situation gets even worse!

Writing Sample #2

Should the President of the United States of America be aloud to assert special powers and declare war? I believe that the President has the right to some powers and the right to declare war to some degree.

On the topic of the President being able to declare war, I believe the President needs to have the rest of the government and the country backing his decision. This coincides with my statement that the President can declare war to a degree. The President should only be able to propose war not declare. A positive thing about the President only being able propose war is that we wouldn’t be rushed into something that isn’t a good idea. On the other hand, if the situation needs to be resolved quickly the President would have to go through the system to approve is proposition, which could take a long time.

Regarding the Presidents ability to assert special powers, the President should be aloud to have the ability to perform certain special powers. Some of them including when at war; the President is commander in Chief, make treaties with advice and consent of the Senate, and calling Congress into special session when necessary. But those aren’t the only powers granted to the President. The President is aloud to pardon former criminals, except in cases of impeachment. To me this power is a little excessive and unnecessary. The President is not part of the judicial branch and should not be able to change a decision made by that branch that was already passed. Yes, people can change and they can do things to earn a Presidential pardon, but still, that eliminates the entire concept of the Checks and Balances set up by the Constitution.


My name is Neal Frank. I am a senior at Mission Viejo High School. This digital Portfolio will show you all of qualifications, skills, and show you some of my work that i have completed during my high school career. 


Cover Letter

I am currently a student and am working very hard to be successful in life. I am constantly looking for new avenues and opportunities for me to capitalize on and be successful in life. That is why I am currently searching for an internship position at an engineering firm.  Preferably a mechanical engineering firm. Next year I am planning on going to Cal Poly Pomona and an internship, i believe, will set me apart from the rest of my class.


I am Eric Smith, the youth pastor at Irvine Presbyterian Church. This letter is to serve as a life recommendation for Neal Frank. I have know Neal for five years know. Over those five years Neal has grown, matured and become a true leader. Young freshman in our youth group look up to Neal and he has become a true role model for the next generation of young, bright high schoolers.

Neal has dedicated hours upon hours to provide an enjoyable worship environment at IPC. He drives fifteen minutes every wednesday and sunday to join us in worshipping God. He has only been late a handful of times and when he will be late he always lets me know what is going on and why he is late. Neal is truly dedicated to everything he does and he works hard at all he does. Some mornings he comes to church and leads worship and then has to leave because he has a water polo match. That is dedication at its finest.

Neal is talented, committed, and most of all he always has a smile on his face no matter the situation. He is the epitome of a true leader and a role model.

Eric Smith

Writing Sample #3

The Journal of Representative Ersberg

January 7th, 2009

I saw this new intriguing bill being dropped off into the hopper by my fellow representative Mr. Frank. This bill will definitely create some controversy in the House of Representatives. I’m very passionate about this issue myself, and hopefully I’ll be able to pull some strings. The bill was then given HR- 164 and was placed on the committee calendar. Hopefully sometime soon I’ll be hearing about this bill during my term!

March 16th, 2009

Remember that bill I was talking about way back in January? Well it finally made it to the House! It was then assigned to the Committee on Appropriations and the Committee on Education and Labor (my committee!) and they assigned it to separate subcommittees in each committee. I was lucky enough to get it into my subcommittee.Tomorrow we start our hearings and revisions to the bill. We will way the advantages and disadvantages of this bill. I’m excited to get involved in this bill.

March 17th, 2009

When our subcommittee met and started talking about this bill, arguments started rising. Representative Miller shared “I have family that was involved in the jobs bank system and they claim, although miserable, it saved their family.” Representative Osgood fired back with “I’m sure it did, but look at the state of the economy now. Those establishments ruined the top three American carmakers revenue and caused them to ask us for a bailout plan. That is unacceptable since three months ago we handed out a bailout plan to the banks and loan agencies similar to the one they were asking for.” The entire subcommittee agreed strongly with what representative Osgood had to say, even representative Miller. We vote unanimously to recommend the recommendation of our standing committee to pass this bill with no revisions made.

March 18th, 2009

Today we sent in our recommendation to our Standing Committee and hopefully they will agree with our decision. We won’t know until a couple of days from now. The suspense is killing me!

March 20th, 2009

They decided to recommend it! They decided a lot faster than I expected them to which is reassuring. The bill is now heading to Floor Action where plenty of debating will occur. Hopefully we’ll be able to start Floor Action tomorrow but you never know about congressman!

March 30th, 2009

Finally we are able to start. There wasn’t a quorum for the past ten days so we had to wait till all the older congressmen returned from their golfing trips. Let the debating begin! I decided to ask for the floor first and the Speaker accepted my proposal and I went up to state my case on this bill. I said, “This bill will prevent anything closely resembling a depression in the future. Our automakers will not be forced to ask for bailout deals. Our people will not have to struggle with the hardships of a depression again if we pass this bill. At the heart of this current depression lies these jobs bank establishments. They provide pay to people who play games all day and don’t deserve to be earning anything from this. So if you love your country and you want the United States to become a stable nation again, vote for this bill.” Nobody said anything. I felt very good about my time on the floor and hopefully that silence after my time was a good silence. I’m sure this isn’t the end of the debating but it’s a very good start.

April 11th, 2009

After almost two weeks of debating and arguing we, the House of Representatives agreed to pass the bill and send it to the Senate where the process will start all over again, but I’m to tired to explain it all tonight. I’ll finish tomorrow.

April 12th, 2009

It’s almost hard to believe how fast that bill went through the House! Anyways, before I forget the whole Senate process I’ll write it down. First, the bill gets a new number; in this case they gave HR- 164 the new number S- 72. Then it goes through the exact same process as it does in the House. It is referred to a standing committee in the Senate; it is then referred to a subcommittee where they will have hearings and make revisions. If the bill is recommended by the standing committee (I’m sure it will!), then it goes to the Floor where the senators debate, debate and debate some more. If the bill is passed without revisions then it will go to the Presidents desk for approval. If there are revisions, then it will go to a conference or a joint committee where they work out the differences of each bill and gets approved again by the House and the Senate. Then it is finally sent to the President where he can either veto it in several different ways or he approve it. If vetoed, Congress can override the veto with 2/3-majority vote in both chambers. If not then the bill dies and has to go through the process again if it’s going to become a law. If passed then it becomes federal law. Hopefully there aren’t too many complications! I believe this bill can help create a more stable country which is what we need right now.

Work experience

Team Member

Make a delicious and desirable smoothie.

Provide an upbeat, fun environment for customers.

Sep 2008Present

IT Assistant

J'adore La Fondue

- Helped come up with the layout, design and color scheme of the website.

- Produced a quality "About us" section for the website.

- Designed and built a functional and aesthetically pleasing booth for our trade-fair shows.

Dec 2008Dec 2008

Sales Associate

Toys R' Us

Helped customers find their desired item.

Worked the cash register.


Sep 2009Jun 2013

Mechanical Engineer

Cal Poly Pomona
Sep 2005Jun 2009


Mission Viejo High School


Smoothie Craftsman
I efficiently make smoothies for wanting customers. I always make them correctly and never put in an incorrect ingredient