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My hobbies are:

  • Snowboarding
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Football
  • Jogging
  • Working out
  • Shooting
  • Hiking


My name is Neal Bishop, and I am pursuing a career in law enforcement. I am currently attending Lehtbridge College to develop valuable skills to help me in my chosen field. I am a person of strong character and integrity; this led me to a career in law enforcement. I am dedicated to helping others in order to have a positive impact on someone’s life. Even I only help a few people throughout my career, I believe it will have been worth to make someone’s life better.

Work experience

Oct 2011Present

Equipment Room Customer Service

Lethbridge College Physical Education

While working for Lethbridge College in the Physical Educaiton Building, my job is to provide customer service to both students and community members. This can be done by being polite and providing answers or help to anyone who asks. One of my main duties there is to sell tickets on volleyball and basketball game days. After the game has ended I and another employee are entrusted to count and record the float and the gross totals from that day. This places me in a position of trust. I am enjoying my work there, and plan to continue working there part-time for the remainder of this school year.

Aug 2010Jan 2011

Operator Level 1/Laborer

City of Wetaskiwin

I learned my different skills while working for the city of Wetaskiwin and completed many different tasks such as:

  • Mowed lawn
  • Picked up leaves
  • Dug graves
  • Collected garbage
  • Pruned trees
  • Flooded ice
  • Cleared ice manually and with equipment
  • Picked weeds
  • Maintained parks and grounds of municiple buildings
  • Hung Christmas lights

I learned many valuable skills through this job. I also was able to see first hand how the miniciple groups provide service to the community.

Jan 2008Apr 2008

Snowboard Instructor

Rabbit Hill Snow Resort

I worked part time at Rabbit Hill and taught beginners how to snowboard. Their ages ranged from six years old to adults. One of my other duties was to assist customers in the rental shop to find equipment which fit them properly.


Jan 2011Present

Criminal Justice

Lehtbridge College

The Lethbridge College Criminal Justice Program is preparing me for a career in policing. I have learning many valuable skills through this program such as:

  • Technical writing
  • Presentaiton and speech
  • Procedural law
  • Criminal law and offences
  • Resume writing
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Preliminary investigation

I have come to Lethbridge college, so when I become a police officer I will be as effective in my field as possible.


Cover Letter


Communication Skills
Through my English and communication classes at Lethbridge College I have been able to learn valuable written and verbal communication skills. When I began attending classes at Lethbridge College my writing skills were far from adaquate. I had not had much experience in writing, particuarly technical writing. Over the past two semesters my teachers have been able to teach me many things about proper writing skills. The number of assignments I have written for my various teachers at the college has also given me confidence in this area.
Conflict Resolution
During my time as a delivery driver for Crop Production Services one of our customers got quite upset at me. This was partailly do in part because of an error I made, and also because this particular farmer owns a major oporation, and was at that time under a large amount of stress. I was not aware he wished to have chemical delivered to his seeding units every morning around eight o'clock. I contacted him around nine o'clock to ask when he would like a delivery to be made. He was quite upset at myself and my company for not sending a delivery. I calmly apologised and assured him I would be on my way to his farm as quickly as possible. When I spoke to him in person he appologised for overeacting and blamed it on the number of hours he had worked in the past few days. From then on we had a very posative relationship, which reflected the nature and customer service mission of my company.
Computer Skills
During College I was able to become proficiant in the use of Microsoft Word and Microsft Office. Because of the number of documents I have worked on throughout my education experience I have become quite comfortable in the use of these and other computer programes.
Throughout my life I have had several experiences which helped me to improve my teamwork skills. I have volunteered twice at Living Springs Bible Camp, this and several of my other past work experiences have taught me to work well in teamwork situations. Being on a work crew for the City of Wetaskiwn helped me to learn how to both lead and follow in a team, depending on if I was skilled in the area we were working. If I had the proper skills I would become the leader and direct the other employees on the right way to obtain our goal. On the other hand, if was not knowledgeable in an area, I would follow their suggestions. In the end our crew never had a specific leader, if someone knew the best way to accomplish a task they were in charge for that task.


Apr 2011Apr 2017

Restricted and Non-restricted Firearms P.A.L.

Chief Firearms Officar of Alberta
Nov 2010Nov 2013

Standard First Aid and CPR Level C

Red Cross Association of Canada