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Sep 2014Jun 2018

Baccalarium Artium in Urban Systems

McGill University

Currently enrolled as an undergraduate at McGill University, Montreal, Quebec

Majoring in Urban Systems under the Department of Geography at McGill University

Once recognized and officially confirmed by the Registrar Office, as the youngest undergraduate at McGill as of August 2014.

Feb 2011Jun 2014

Dogwood Diploma (High School Graduation)

St. John Brebeuf Regional Secondary School

Private Secondary School in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

Have graduated in June 2014 with Honours recognition from Province of British Columbia Ministry of Education and as Top 1 per cent of the graduating class of 2014.

The one and only foreign school president since 1992. 

Work experience

Jun 2015Present

Political Affairs Intern

Citizens United for Better Society 

Republic of Korea's major political NGO, located in the heart of Seoul.

As an intern of Political Affairs Department, currently performing tasks as

  • Examine the entire pending bills in the Republic of Korea's Parliament, figure what bills need to be passed as soon as possible for the public interest.
  • Prepare materials for open forums, debates, press conferences and press releases.
  • Research political affairs regarding the 19th National Assembly of Republic of Korea, and also upcoming 20th general election.
  • Monitor 19th National Assembly's new motions.
  • Analyze data sets of congressmen and congresswomen, figure the details about the current situation of the national assembly, how many bills are pending for each person, calculate percentages, and manage them. 
  • Analyzing the political situation and the development of it
May 2015Jun 2015

Corporate Support Staff

Geistlich Pharma AG

Switzerland-Based Biomaterials firm, South Korea Branch [Seoul Office]

As a staff of Corporate Support Department, performed tasks such as

  • Approval and release of products to Sales Department and Authorized Dealers
  • Maintaining, tracking, reporting daily sales and remaining stocks in laboratory
  • Translating official reports from Switzerland Global Headquarter for entire employees
  • Research in dental-related news and reports
  • Assisting Marketing and Educational Research Department upon request
  • Support Hands-On Event [Regular meeting between the firm and dentists]
Oct 2013Jun 2014

Senior School President

St. John Brebeuf Regional Secondary School

Motivated to serve the public. 

Jun 2011Aug 2013

Customer Service Representative & Office Assistant [Non-paid Position]

Seoul Metro [National Police Hospital Station]

Non-paid volunteer position at National Police Hospital of Republic of Korea Station.

Have worked for three consecutive years during summer seasons;

  • Jun 2011 - Aug 2011 | Jul 2012 - Aug 2012 | Jun 2013 - Aug 2013

Tasks as;

  • Answer customer inquiries and assist, if needed
  • Take follow-up measures to Illegal rides
  • Monitoring Closed-Circuit Television Cameras 


Report Data & Analysis

Able to freely deal with any sort of data. 

Teamwork & Cooperation

Able to listen carefully what others demand and suit to them. 


Able to translate any sort of documents in Korean to English, also Vice Versa, including medical, legal and business documents. 


Basic level of ArcGIS skills available.

Microsoft Office

High performance of Microsoft Office applications, including Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and Outlook. 


Able to perform superb quality of research, especially in Social Sciences.


Inspired to excel on all matters, always on time, diligent, however, still makes highly effective use of resources and time.

If desired, please do not feel hesitated to request references or ask any questions regarding work experiences or bio.

Please contact me at your convenience.