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SIP based application development for Mobile handsets, Windows XP/Vista

Mobile Application Development (Windows Mobile, Android)

Ported mobile apps on different platforms.

Desktop Application Development (Microsoft Visual C++)

4+ Android Marketplace published applications.

Work experience

Jan 2009Present

Self created applications

Voluntarily work

Developed Android Applications

Spa and Massage parlor locator


Android application that allows users to search and locate Spa’s & Massage Parlors across United States. Allows users to bookmark commonly accessed Spa’s and rate and share reviews with a wider community.

Tools/SDK : Android SDK (1.5, 2.x), Restful API, Location Services and XML

Count Buddy


A simple utility application, which can be used in the gym, games and for educational purposes. First Application on Android that uses the Android’s Text-To-Speech engine to implement a complex counting engine.

Tools/SDK : Android SDK (1.5, 2.x),), Text-To-Speech



Android application that allows users to configure Vonage accounts and set call forwarding from their Android device. This allows users to leverage their world connect plan and make free internal calls through their Vonage device which they already have.

Tools/SDK : Android SDK (1.5, 2.x)

QuakeWatch(US & world)


This application allows users to track earthquakes in real-time for Continental United States. It retrieves this information using data available from the USGS website.

Tools/SDK : Android SDK (1.5), RESTful APIs (CSV based response)

Picture Messages 


Using this application, users can choose from one of several ASCII art messages which they can share with their friends through SMS, Email, MMS and even on sites like Facebook and Orkut.

Tools/SDK : Android SDK (1.6) , 2.X,JSON ------------------------- HealthyDeals is a stealth mode startup based out India and United States. I was responsible for the development of a mobile client for which in-turn implemented the workflows for the users to discover, purchase and share deals. 

Tools/SDK : Android SDK (1.5, 1.6, 2.1), Facebook SDK

Nov 2011Present

Software Engineer

xAd inc

Android Development.

Jan 2007Jan 2009

Software engineer

Aricent Telecommunications



Conceptualization and design of SIP Softphone GUI ( Soft-IMS Client Application ) for delivering IMS services like Presence, Voice, Video, and List Management over Aricent’s IMS Client Framework.

Tools/SDK :  FSS SIP Stack, Embedded Visual C++ 4.0, Gimp for images.

Presence Client on Android


Porting of a SIP stack and development of a Presence Application over and above the toolkit on

Tools/SDK :  Java, Android SDK, OOAD

Porting of J2ME Applications on Android


This engagement involved porting of commonly available freeware applications from J2ME to Android environment.

Tools/SDK :  Java, Android SDK, OOAD



Android SDK