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Work History

Jun 2014Mar 2016



1.Business Development: Support my director all aspects of business throughout monthly, quarterly, annual plans and taking care of them relating to Marketing & PR, Finance, Sales and Human Resources, Customer Service and implementing them.

- Sales: collecting and analyzing sales data from sales team: market coverage, product coverage, sales income, sales target, visiability statement in MT(supermarket chanel of selling) GT( grocery). Project: expanding agents all around Viet Nam, 1-2 agent for each provinces in order not to meet confict in price between agents :Đa Nang, Can Tho, Vung Tau, Ha Noi.

- Marketing & PR: building  Brand positioning for 3 branches: Thai Lan Tea Cha Tar Mua, Snack Seaweed Seleco and Mineral Water Mont Fleur: activation event for MT channel of selling(Aeon Mall, Bs Mart, CIty Marmart, Fmily Mart.....), creative brief for TVC on Viet Nam station TV for Snack Seaweed Seleco with target audience is children raging from 8 to 16 age, market research, ruuning media content on fan page by writing advertorial and edictorial.

-Human Resources: recruiting sales executive and sales supervisor, accoutant, PG, PB, receptionist building disciplines for working, building KPIs for assessment of each department.

- Finance: analyzing financial statement from accouting department.

- Customer Services: establishing services by call center: reminding agency promotion programme, replying any inquiries of the customers in the time manner.

2. Administration and secretarial jobs:

-Assist to prepare documentary, presentations for meeting, maintaining documentary and recording information each meeting, scheduled report documents.

- Translating English Documentary into Vietnamese and against, translator for CEO in any meeting with partnership as well as negotiations for more and more contracts.

-Recording and drafting minutes of the meeting of CEO.

- Business trip with CEO in Da Nang, Can Tho, Vung Tau, Ha Noi for updating the trend of market.

- On behaft of CEO to run smoothly every campaigns as well as transmit leading ideas from CEO and coordinating with Manager of each departments to get report from them.

- Liaising with national institute to have legal authorization for banner, advertisement document.

-Booking airplane  as well as take care accomodation(hotel and restaurant) for CEO.

Jun 2011Jul 2013



- Activation events for MT chanel of selling for Cheese Cake from contact with center of game center in Aeon Mall Tan Phu, building brief for each events

- Combining with technical department for POSM: from generating ideas to doing them in reality.

-Doing market research with main segmentation is children from making questionnaire to passing out them and analyzing documentary by SPSS software.

- Writing both advertorial and editorial for updating fan page , website and Tuoi Tre online paper Tuoi Tre as well.

-Making creative Brief for TVC updated on Viet Nam Station TV with Cheese Master (target audience is children)



Sep 2010May 2014



Tourism is a general economic field in which I had chance to get in touch with not only economic pieces  from Marketing &Sales, Finamce , PR to Human Resources and Customer Services but also culture background piece all over the world which is truly benefitial for meeting with different partnerships from Asian to Westerner. Beyond that, In that environment ,  I was established substainably excellent skills such as presentation, negotiation, time management, communication, especially, soft skill like smile, eye contact. They teach me how to work together in a team effectively.



Executive administrative assistance, social media,integrated marketing , public relation, sales management, customer relation, customer sevices,human resources, finacial management, marketing communation, marketing research, forecasting, negotiation, leadership, execellent in time management, B2B, sales direct, team building, business analysis, trade show, budget, strategic planning, product developement, business stretagy,soft communication: eyes contact, smile, event management, presskit, press release, press conference

other abilities

Presenting before publicity, singing, master of ceremony in both Vietnamese and English(MC for Binh Đinh Station TV with some volumes in musical bridge), logistic, systematic and scientific mind.

LANGUAGES and computing

- English: advanced

- Korean: basic

- Japanese: start up

- Expert in Ms office: Word, Excel , Power Point, Internet

essay(an unforgetable memory  in my life)

When I was in 12th class, my family met a difficulty that my mother must undergo eyes surgeries from my hometown, Quy Nhon City to Ho Chi Minh City. But, everything became badly, her left eye could not get over. So doctor advised my family to remove it. During the time my mother was at the hospital, my father took care of my mom, I had to work all works in my house from taking care of pigs, chickens to renting persons to get harvest. As for me, the time for my studying was short, even I did not have money to take part in tutoring hours in the school. At that time, I feft disappointedly. But, the power of my dreams of tourism uprized strongly. Day by day, I studied later and waken up sooner. Finally, I passed a competition of “Choosing Excellent Student In Literature” of my home province. Humanity spirit  Nam Cao writer help I decided to apply to University Of Social Sciences And Humanities and passed "University Entrance Exam". This story reminds me that:" optimism is an essential thing in any situations in your life". It is a coral lesson of this story.