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Gershon Alexander co-founded PAG Investments, a real estate development agency, in 1999. Specializing in retail and commercial property, Gershon Alexander operates out of North Haledon, New Jersey. Since 2009, Gershon Alexander has actively led commercial development projects in Cranford and Maplewood, New Jersey. Gershon Alexander and the Puddingstone Group aim to foster business opportunities throughout New Jersey and add to the quality of life in the region by creating jobs.For over a year, Gershon Alexander managed the development for a 7-Eleven in Maplewood, New Jersey, overseeing the zoning ordinance procedures. Gershon Alexander first proposed the project to an initially resistant community; by working to assuage their concerns, he convinced Maplewood officials to reconsider in order to accommodate local businesses that already practiced similar hours. In 2010, the Maplewood Planning Board approved the proposal for a 7-Eleven on Springfield Avenue, allowing Gershon Alexander to bring the project to completion. Gershon Alexander also headed the development of Investors Savings Bank in downtown Cranford, reassuring doubtful citizens that the bank would improve the re-development of North Avenue. Street Commons which is being developed by The Puddingstone Group of North Haledon, NJ

Work experience

Work experience
Jan 1999 - Present


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