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  • Solid knowledge of Python and best practices in software development.
  • Recently earned bachelor's degree with extracurricular experiences related to competitions, education, research and entrepreneurship.
  • Passionate student of data science and software development. Check my personal projects.
  • High achiever and avid learner motivated by real-world problems with high impact.
  • Technologies: C, Java, Python, Django, Flask/Dash, Pandas, PostgreSQL, HTML, CSS, Testing, TDD

Relevant Experiences

Oct. 2018Current

Software Engineer

  • Working in a very small team I use Python and Shell Script to code, test, deploy and monitor dozens of web scraping and text processing robots orchestrated in a reliable, large yet efficient web application.
  • Despite the small size of the team, documentation, code quality and issue tracking have been essential.
  • Layed the foundations to quickly bring new developers up to speed such as design docs, agile culture, onboarding guide, CI setup and test framework.
  • Key tools: Python, Flask, PostgreSQL, Regular Expressions, Shell Script, Travis CI, Docker, Kubernetes, Google Datastore, Storage, Pub/Sub,
Aug. 2017Aug. 2018

Software Quality Assurance Internship

Diebold Nixdorf
  • Functional automated testing for XFS APIs and GUI applications.
  • Fixed bugs and implemented small features in Java.
  • Developed from start to finish a JMX client used to validate remote monitoring features.
  • Increased efficiency in GUI test automation through the development of a tool for quick capture of screenshots.

Undergraduate Researcher at Swarm Computing Group

Universidade de São Paulo
  • Embedded systems design and development of web micro-services using C, Python and Lua.
  • Project management using SCRUM and PMBok.
  • Use of collaborative software development platforms such as git, wiki, gitlab etc.
  • Co-author of published article that describes the use of a minimum broker for the IoT.

Co-founder and Teacher

Escola de Tecnologia Code Decay
  • Produced didactic content in the form of books and lectures for Arduino and programming in general.
  • Development and optimization of digital marketing campaigns.
  • Development of products and strategies with the lean method and highly automated operations using Python.
  • Reached roughly 700 students in face-to-face classes with high customer satisfaction.

Hackathon Três Corações - Campus Party 2016

1st place
  • Reverse engineered capsule coffee machine and added necessary hardware for bluetooth capabilities.
  • Integrated C code used in Arduino for bluetooth messages with mobile iOS application.


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