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Work experience

Oct 2011Present

Chancellor of Finance Office

UA System Office

As a student worker at the UA system office, I assisted people by making scans, copies, and prints of numerous things dealing with finances over UAH, UAB and UA. I fulfilled any task that was necessary for me to do such as Audit confirmations, shredding paper, filing legal documents, or annual/quarterly reports. I also deliver and send mail to business partners as well as making daily trips to the bank and post office.



My short-term objective that I plan on completing would be first finishing college within four years, graduating May 2015. After graduating at the University of Alabama my goal is to then work on becoming a Registered Dietician at UAB Hospital. I would like to work with people of all ages to assist them in becoming a healthier person both inside and out by informing them of nutritional values they need in order to survive at times, depending on their condition. I would obviously prefer not to travel, but be a successful mom living in the outer  Birmingham area with no more than 3 kids and a husband.


I would say with the greatest amount of confidence that my major of Food and Nutrition under the college of Human Environmental Sciences is the best possible choice for me. Ever since the beginning of my teenage years I have tried my best to find the specific ingredients and Nutrition Facts of everything I eat. One major priority in my life is to stay healthy and fit for as long as humanly possible. I also am seeking to make it a career of mine to assist in making other people live as healthy as they can, no matter their age is. My goal for a career is to become a Registered Dietician at UAB Hospital. I recently had the amazing opportunity to shadow an RD over the summer and I came to a realization that this job is certainly something I would be more than glad to have for the rest of my life. She showed me step by step what she does on a regular day. Since there are only 13 RDs located at UAB, each of them have a specific field that they are responsible for. The woman I was shadowing covered the renal and kidney transplants at the hospital, which was something very exciting, both emotinally and in general. I know without a doubt that I would thoroughly enjoy being a dietician at UAB.


My interest consists of staying fit, participating in extra curricular activities, as well as focusing heavily on my academics. One of my top priorities in life is to stay active, fit, and healthy in order to live longer. So many benefits come from the simplest thing such as exercising for up to an hour a day. I absolutely love the way I feel after a good run and a healthy meal. My mood is optimistic and stress free. I want to get more people to experience the joy that comes from being a healthy person, which has lead me to the desire to be a dietician.