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Hi, my name is Josh and this page is being used for my Social Media class as a resume.

Blog Posting

Here is one of my posts from my blog.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010 Are there certain products or services that just CAN NOT be generated with Commons-Based Peer Production methodologies? Why or why not?

I believe that all products or services can be generated with commons-based peer production methodologies. With EBay, Torrent sites, Skype and Wikipedia you can get any item or information for free. For example, EBay, the customers control the products being sold and they’re able to do this for free. Also, with EBay people want to find items/things for cheaper than what they would find at regular price in stores. With Torrent sites people give all kinds of free things like movies, music, information, and software to each other, just because people want things for free or because they want something before it’s even out in stores. Moreover, these sites are run by ordinary people who sign up and upload there information, to be distributed to whoever wants the information at no cost. Furthermore, these services do so well and are very popular because of the low costs; people would rather do something that is free then to have to pay money for it. Such things like this peer production can generate anything, even though the users might not be getting paid, there is always the need/motivation to get something cheaper or for free. Although a lot of it isn’t really controlled and it’s free you should be more cautious with what you’re downloading, reading or buying.

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34 Boswell Dr.Bowmanville, Ontario L1C 5B5


[email protected]


2009-presentLaw & Security Administration

Durham College, Oshawa, ON

February 2007Clarington High School (CCSS), Bowmanville, ON (Diploma)


·St. John Ambulance Standard First Aid – Level A CPR

·Full G licence

·3 years with the Canadian Forces Reserve

·2 years customer support service



May 2008 – CurrentZellers Bowmanville,ON

  • Cashier
  • Stock/delivery un-loader
  • Customer Service

January 2006 – June 2010Canadian Forces ReserveOshawa, ON

  • Rank of Corporal

·Completed BMQ(Basic Military Qualification)

·Completed SQ(Soldiers Qualification)

·Completed DP1 (Developmental Phase 1 Armoured Reconnaissance Course)

·Completed DP2 (Developmental Phase 2 Armoured Reconnaissance Course)

·Navigation Qualified

November – December 2007The Pic GroupOshawa, ON

Inspector – Seasonal

·Inspect, rework and repack parts for GM

·Worked as a team player

·Oversee work done to meet deadlines

August 2003JabekamScarborough, ON

General Labour

·Installed Doors in University residence

·Trained on use ofpower tools

·Followed precise instructions to independently install doors.

PORTFOOLIOAvailable upon request

REFERENCESAvailable upon request


My objective of right now is to finish College and get into University.



Work experience

May 2008Present



Started off working the night shift as a cashier, then moved to stock. And now I work part time afternoons as stock while im in school.


Sep 2009Present

Durham College

On my final year of this course, then after im finished Im hopeing to bridge into Criminology & Justice.