Jonathan Kadis

Jonathan Kadis

Work History

Work History
Aug 2009 - Present


Air National Guard - I.G. Brown Training and Education Center


Experienced in video production and broadcasting, uplink communications, still digital imaging, methods of presentation, technical procedures, and equipment used for the delivery of informational and educational programs. Knowledge of Air Force, Air National Guard and DoD multimedia programs and policies. Experienced in directing video productions and television studio operations. Completed the Air Force Senior Noncommissioned Officer Academy, Defense Information School and Air National Guard Visual Information Manager's Courses. Cleared for access to classified material up to and including Secret. Proficient in word processing, spreadsheets, database, presentation, television and multimedia systems.


Had oversight of broadcasts, productions and photographic support for the Commander of the Air National Guard Training and Education Center, the Air National Guard Readiness Center, the National Guard Bureau, and the 134th ARW, McGhee Tyson ANGB, TN. Task requirements required extensive travel and work. Position supervised the workload of six Combat Correspondents.


Delivered training, education, and command information to the war fighter and documented significant military activities and operations by informing and appropriately influencing key audiences by synchronizing and integrating communication efforts to deliver truthful, timely, accurate and credible information.


Oversaw the successful organization, production and delivery of live, interactive satellite broadcasts and videotape productions. Interacted with and advised ANG, NGB, AF members, including senior level management, regarding video productions and broadcasts.


l. Oversaw the development and prioritization of video productions, and distribution of satellite uplink programming. Responsible for day-to-day operation of state of the art video production and TV broadcast equipment and facilities. Provided technical expertise in the maintenance and operation of video production facility and satellite uplink equipment.

2. Managed and supervised a two channel satellite uplink system (Warriornet), with 193 downlink sites, three television studios, and video teleconferencing technology. Responsible for coordinating with approximately 300 Air National Guard and Air Force downlink sites for the proper program reception. Coordinated with Air Force production centers for worldwide video production accomplishment. Provided multimedia support for national level NGB, ANG and TEC educational programs, informational, and command and control broadcasting. Determined TEC/TV’s ability to support Air Force broadcasts and worldwide video production requests.

3. Oversaw the management of video productions and broadcasts for AF/ANG productions and the Distributed Learning Program. Provided technical expertise in the production of multimedia and video projects. Advised faculty and external customers on the selection of appropriate media to support educational objectives and followed through to help implement those media decisions. Evaluated adequacy of media to achieve educational objectives. Coordinated distribution of multimedia programs, ensuring availability and reliability of media. Oversaw management of an extensive multimedia library, music library and image bank ensuring continuous updates.

4. Planed, programmed, budgeted and acquired funding for daily operations, supplies, equipment upgrades and lifecycle replacement of equipment. Coordinated with Air Staff and ANG/FM for annual funding via the Visual Information Equipment Plan (VIEP) annual report and budget.

5. Coordinated and oversaw joint documentation missions worldwide, ensuring maximum documentation coverage with use of shared AF and ANG assets. Oversaw successful national level video production and documentation for the Director of the Air National Guard and all subordinate directorates. Advised NGB and ANG staff members on various presentation methods for national level events. Ensured proper coordination and video documentation of all emergencies involving the NGB and ANG or as requested by the ANG director.

6. Developed and created the first ever news production element for the Air National Guard called the MinuteMan Report (aired 88 times daily to an audience of 20 million via the Pentagon Channel and Air Force News).

7. Programmed training for all TEC multimedia personnel utilizing military, civilian and in-house resources. Supervised the training and certified the training records of faculty members and support staff on the proper operations and use of multimedia equipment and video recording systems.

8. Advised the Commander on the status of productions and broadcasts. Additionally, advised on personnel, budgetary needs, equipment and supply inventory.

9. Inspected and evaluated adequacy of multimedia and classroom resources with regard to state-of-the-art technology, quantity, maintenance, back-up capabilities, accessibility and security. Recommended action to resolve inadequacies.

10. Oversaw the management of the multimedia equipment maintenance program. Additionally reviewed the equipment maintenance and repair records to ensure life cycle management.

11. Served as a member of a deployable multimedia documentation team. Documented significant military activities and operations worldwide with particular emphasis on homeland defense/civil support mission areas.

12. Responsible for and trained in managing IMPAC card purchases, payments and account management.

13. Directed the management and implementation of the Defense Travel System for the TV branch. Responsible for all travel authorizations and approvals. Reconciled expenses and authorized/approved travel.

14. Assisted maintenance engineers with the design and rebuild of the satellite terminal room, television control rooms and mobile flypacks.

15. Coordinated the design, build and installation of a high-end, state-of-the-art television studio set for a national broadcast audience. Also helped with the design and acquisition of a high-tech mobile television/conference set.

Apr 1993 - Apr 2009

Executive Director

Utah State University

Responsible for the planning, development, implementation, tracking and completion of information technology projects for the Multimedia and Television Production, Classroom Presentation Technology/Distance Education, and Faculty Assistance Center for Teaching (online course development) teams. Created and executed service level agreements for the university and with outside clients. Developed project scope, milestones, budgets, and resources for IT projects.

Managed the project management office, including staff, budgets, training and team development. Assisted with the creation of IT policies and procedures. Communicated with clients regularly and ensured projects were meeting deadlines and budgets. Analyzed and reported on project progress utilizing the latest software applications. Developed rates, coordinated billing procedures and refined work flow processes. Conducted project close-outs and evaluations.

Specific roles and responsibilities:

Project Management

·Identified resource needs and coordinated information technology responsibilities.

·Ensured project documents were complete, current and stored appropriately.

·Created and executed service level agreements in Information Technology for the University and outside clients.

·Revised projects as appropriate to meet changing needs and requirements.

·Reviewed deliverables with the team before passing to clients.

·Effectively applied IT methodologies and enforced project standards.

·Prepared project reviews and tracked quality assurance.

·Researched and implemented leading-edge project management methodologies and software applications.

Financial Management

·Understood and helped develop revenue models and cost-to-completion projections.

·Understood pricing models and billing procedures.

·Accurately tracked projects to ensure fiscal viability.

·Assured project legal documents were complete and signed.


·Facilitated team and client meetings effectively.

·Held regular status meetings with project teams.

·Kept project teams well informed of changes in the project or organization.

·Effectively communicated relevant project information to superiors.

·Delivered engaging, informative and well-organized presentations.

·Resolved and/or escalated issues in a timely fashion.

·Understood and effectively communicated difficult/sensitive information tactfully.

Technical Understanding

·Acquired and enhanced understanding in areas of application programming, database and system administration, Service/Help desk support, Multimedia services, Faculty/Staff teaching and training support, Web Design and Development, Classroom Mediation, Satellite/Distance Learning services, Telecommunications, Networking, Information Technology Security/policies, Video/Voice Internet Protocols, etc.

·Maintained awareness of new and emerging technologies in software/hardware.


·Challenged others to develop as leaders while serving as a role model and mentor.

·Managed the development of the team by ensuring, when possible, that project tasks were in line with each member’s career interests.

·Inspired coworkers to attain goals and pursue excellence.

·Identified opportunities for improvement and made constructive suggestions for change.

·Managed the process of innovative change effectively.

·Remained on the forefront of emerging industry practices.


·Consistently acknowledged and showed appreciation for each team member’s contribution.

·Effectively utilized each team member to his/her fullest potential.

·Motivated the team to work together in the most efficient manner.

·Kept track of lessons learned and shared those lessons with team members.

·Mitigated team conflict and communicated problems.

·Planned and facilitated regular team activities outside of the office.

Client/Customer Relationships

·Managed day-to-day client interactions.

·Set and managed customer expectations.

·Developed lasting relationships with clients that fostered long-term ties.

·Communicated effectively with clients to identify needs and evaluate solutions.

·Continually sought opportunities to increase customer satisfaction and deepen client relationships.

·Built a knowledge base of each client’s business, organizational and service objectives.


·Conducted effective performance evaluations and mentored those with less experience through formal channels.

·Helped team execute career development plans.

·Participated in development opportunities above and beyond required training.

·Trained others through both formal and informal training programs.

·Encouraged staff to take responsibility for their development

·Challenged fellow team members to progress toward their professional development goals.

·Continually researched and implemented new ideas, programs, applications to improve personal skills and that of the organization.


·Suggested areas for improvement in internal processes along with possible solutions.

·Lead and participated in internal team/task forces.

·Approved team members’ time and expenses in a conscientious and timely manner.

·Reviewed status reports of team members and addressed issues as appropriate.

·Complied with and helped enforce standard policies and procedures.


Sep 2008 - Present

Masters in Business Administration

Western Governors Univeristy
Sep 2001 - May 2002

Utah State University

Completed one year of Doctoral coursework.

Sep 1983 - Dec 1986

Bachlors and Masters

Brigham Young University
Sep 1982 - Aug 1983


Bellevue Community College


Leadership or Management Position in the area of multimedia and public affairs where I can offer television production, distance learning, producing, directing, human resources, satellite system and professional organizational skills.



Satellite Systems

DVBS-2, Haivision Videofurnace, Scala Digital Signage, C-Band Uplink, Norsat Portable uplink system.

Computer Operations

Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, Appleware, Final Cut, Project Management, Android, Google, Web Apps, Video/Audio Codecs, etc.

Top Secret

U.S. Air Force