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Safety Minded
Suggestive Sales
    During my year and a half employement with Domino's Pizza, I'd consitently topped the charts, week to week without fail, as the highest percentaged salesman. This, having been my first job in sales proved to me that I have what it takes to advance and excell in a Sales or Customer Service role. 
Strong Interpersonal Skills
Training         Employers have regularly applied my personable and patient demeanor when training in, "new recruits." This has always been beneficial to me and my employer, as these people training under me saw well tempered work ethic first hand, as well as found themselves (often seamlessly) included in the experience.      I've gained many friends and allies along the way from lesser leadership positions as such. I always patiently seek the way in which a businesses required skill sets are comprehended by any persons, no matter their differences. Customer Service     There comes a time where by either some computer or human error, mistakes occasionally arise in any workplace; whether your work place is a power plant, or a retail management, you'll need to know how to diffuse unforseen situations, calmly, and in a timely fashion, so nobody gets hurt.     A customer's satisfaction, ease of buying, and word of mouth are among the strongest assets to success in any consumer driven business.

Work experience

Oct 2012Feb 2013

Ticket Expedition/Prep/Baker/Garnish/Salads

Pig n' Whistle British Pub

Duties: Ticket expediting coordinates pace and teamwork in the kitchen; sanitation, inventory, operation, and management of baking and cold station (salads, sashimi, etc.) sole operator. Reason for leaving: Miscommunication between head chef and owner, involving my pay, left me $2 an hour behind what I'd been promised. (Earned $8 hr. Promised $10) 2 week notice fulfilled upon leaving.Reference: Laura (941) 879-3047

Jan 2012Jan 2013

Courier (Independant Contractor)

SunCoast Media Group / Englewood Sun Newspaper

Duties: Routing and distribution of Suncoast Media Group/Englewood Sun Newspapers/Magazines, in Gasparilla/South Gulf Cove/Rotonda Lakes area.Reason for leaving: Beginning of car troubles, which created difficulties in performing required duties. 30 day notice fulfilled upon leaving.Referance: Kimberly Lewis (941) 815-1219

Mar 2011Sep 2012

Customer Sales Rep./Delivery

Domino's Pizza

Duties: Sales(/suggestive sales) & Customer Service in store or on phone, Routing, Delivery, and maintenance/sanitation of store. Most often worked evenings as closing shift.*Achieved top sales among employees, week by week without fail, for entire duration of my work experience at Dominos. Reason for leaving: Car troubles created difficulties in performing required duties. 2 week notice fulfilled upon leaving.Reference: Lou Doyle (941) 475-5693

Sep 2010Nov 2010

Warehouse Management/Safety Advisor

Hobby Lobby

Duties: Warehouse safety, management, and maintenance.Reason for leaving: Stay in Georgia was temporary. Management was aware of this upon hire. 2 week notice fulfilled upon leaving.Referance: Bill (229) 639-1077

Mar 2010Sep 2010


Weston's Resort

Duties: Maintenance and custodial services for all room at resort, as well as customer service and preperation or rooms/assistance with tennants with special requirements.Reason for leaving: Planned trip out of state. Was not gauranteed position open upon returning. 2 week notice fulfilled upon leaving.Resort has since changed name/management.

Mar 2003Aug 2010

Line Cook (1yr.) /Prep (4+ yrs.) /Custodial (2 yrs.) / Misc.

J.B.'s Conch Cafe'

Duties: Including, but not limited to - Line cook, Prep. cook, Bar prep., Dishwasher, Custodian, Inventory, and all sanitation/operation of all stations within establishment during my employment.Over my work experience here, I'd worked often consistently for years, occasionally seasonally, sometimes part time, some times full. It having been my first real job, I'd had bumps along the way while tempering myself into the work force; on one occasion being fired, on another having quit. Despite these, I still to this day have a very personable and friendly relationship with the owner and family. I'd done any task that came up at this establishment, aside from wait staff and bar tending. Even recently having performed some local music there. This line of work however does not herald quite the prestige and importance that one can hang their hat on in thier mid to late 20's. Reference: John Belmont (941) 475-1747