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I am just a man who have a desire about the software development.

I am trying to making a good apps. I care about my codes all time.

Work experience

Jul 2017

Mobile Developer

Koç Sistem (OutSource From KG Technology)
Jun 2013Jul 2017

Mobile Developer


I am building apps with Xamarin platform, Windows phone 8 and Swift platform.

I work on mobile projects. I work as front-end developer. I also write unit tests for mobile apps.

Aug 2013Sep 2013

Summer School


It was a internship program at microsoft.They expected one windows phone app at least.

Aug 2012Sep 2012


Endersys Consultancy and Software Ltd.

I wanted to be an system engineer at 2012. Because of this i made an internship at endersys. I work on linux systems like centos ,redhat. 




Karadeniz Teknik Üniversitesi 

Computer Engineer 


Xamarin Apps

I worked lots of projects on Xamarin. Generally I write apps with both on Xamarin Native and Xamarin Forms. But our apps have got to much renderers ios and android. Some times i am writing my apps on Xamarin Native ios and Android

My apps links and descriptions


I made a application for a big company. This application approval mechanism within the company brings to the mobile platform. This app running on ios and android.
This is android link.
this is ios link

This application of the sales mechanism within the company brings to the mobile platform
this app working on ios and android like workflow app.


Turkey one of the first application that can help high school students getting ready their university exam.
Progress reports
More then 100 practice question results
Digitized real life answer book right on your smart phone

They took 3.6 million TL investment last days

This app working on Android and ios platform


This app for take bus ticket in turkey.This app works on both platform but  android app not published now

This is ios link

Dental Bulut

I made a application for Dentalbulut on Xamarin Forms. This app is working on three platform. it is for dentist. The purpose of this application  sets  dental appointments for dentists





This application is a for salary calculations.  You can calculate your monthly salary from your gross income. Besides Employers can calculate employee cost based on their net salary.

iOS Link:

Android Link:

LYS Soru Tipleri(Xamarin Forms)

I made a application  for çözenadam company. This app is preparing students to LYS Exam at Turkey. There some tasks and questions for students.

ios link

android link


This application is for Yıldız Holding. I manage their software team about Xamarin. I am working on this project now. So I dont have app link.

Brisa (Education)

I teached Mobile Programming with Xamarin to Brisa's Developer Team.

Brisa(Task Management)

It is a new project for Organizing Tasks and Sales Meetings



Enerjisa(Xamarin Education)

I teached Mobile Programming with Xamarin to Enerjisa's Developer Team.

Eksisozluk Mobile Application(Xamarin Native)

Eksisozluk Turkey's biggest Social Platform. I developed their mobile application for Android and iOS. We used with Xamarin Native



HOP Application(Xamarin Forms)

I create one application for cars and bicycles. this application has two sides

Client and broadcaster. When a bicycles  near a car. Car side start to ring and say Hop bicycle is coming. I complete it in a one week.


Tat Digital Agriculture

I took over this project its about the Tat's work flow and for their farmers. This Project have 3 mobile application.



This is a words game for turkish. You are able to click letters to form a word. The verification algorithm is written by myself. Besides it supports game center integration.

iOS link:

Parça Deposu

I am working on this project now. It is a Car parts app for resellers. This is ios

app. This is not published yet. 

Windows Phone 8 Apps


I build one app with this platform. App's name is Bilyoner.

This is a huge bet company in turkey.

this is app's link.