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I am a multi-skilled creative; ever searching for new challenges and ways to entertain and inform. I consider the love of learning and readiness to do so one of my best qualities. Although proficient at the production of audio from the conceptual stage to its engineering, I am also interested in creating copy for all media. I am an organized, excellent communicator and love the idea of turning creativity into a business. 

Work experience

Owner, Engineer

Sensai Studios

In Lubbock, Texas I created a small recording studio to create audio for my own personal enjoyment. I quickly became skilled in both creating and editing, and I soon contracted my work to local recording artists. You can listen to some samples of my work on the right hand side of this page!  

Aug 2009Present


Starbucks Coffee

Working as a barista at Starbucks is a physically demanding job, but even more important is the focus on customer service. Strangely enough, working in a coffee shop has taught me patience by trying to appease the high maintenance customer. 

Aug 2007May 2009

Assistant Creative Director

FireStart Creative Design Group

As the Assistant Creative Director for FireStart Creative Design Group, I studied under Meshawn Wright and helped with the writing and proofreading of copy as well as the co-ordination with sponsors for events. Projects included the publicity for the Threads Locks and Rock Fashion Show in Lubbock Texas as well as various  other events for Intimate Expressions.

Sep 2007May 2009

Foster Home and Adoption Services Volunteer

Humane Society of West Texas

 While volunteering with the humane society, my responsibilities were to nurture and rehabilitate neglected animals through adoption services. I acquired valuable communication and organizational skills by co-ordinating foster homes for homeless pets.

Feb 2006May 2008

Production Assistant


While working as a DJ at KTXT FM, I helped create spots for radio shows and campus organizations. Thus began my love for advertising and audio.


Aug 2005May 2009

Bachelor of Arts

Texas Tech University


Shelby Keenan

Mrs. Keenan oversaw the placement of homeless pets into foster homes. She insisted upon clear, effective communication and superior organization.

Meshawn Wright

Meshawn Wright provided my first glimpse into the world of publicity and events. I aided in the creation of online publicity for the Thread Locks and Rock fashion show in Lubbock, Texas.

Sensai Studios


An excellent writer with plenty of experience, I've written copy for a radio station and a small creative design group.
I type 51 words per minute, am familiar with Microsoft Office including Excel.   I can easily operate both PC and Macintosh computers and navigate with either browser.   I am an avid FaceBook user and am very familiar with Flickr, YouTube, LinkdIn, Photobucket and DailyBooth.   Audio editing is one of my strengths. ProTools and Nuendo are two programs with which I can quickly and efficiently edit audio.        
  I speak French very well and have been to France three times. Observing the nuances between American and French culture has helped me understand the different ways in which ideas, publicity and advertisements work in both settings.