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Sep 2009Present

Master of Arts

I will begin my master's in the Fall of 2009, with hopes to continue on to a PhD in the same area

Aug 2003May 2008

Bachelor of Arts

Purdue University

Related Experience

Assistant Editor, Journal of Mind and Cognition [English Version]

March- November 2008

  • Established format for the cognitive science journal
  • Edited articles for scholastic and liguistic integrity in English, APA-based style
  • Collaborated and lived in Beijing, China to establish solid relations for the project
  • Annual editing duties on a part time & temporary basis

Research Assistant, Purdue University Engineering Education

November 2007-October 2008

  • Assisted in gathering inter-cultural data from students in Beijing, China
  • Created Excel database of data, used for intepretation and study of student responses
  • Helped determine the best method of analyzing resonses for use in Interdisciplinary Education
  • Collaborated on developing a teaching tool to be used for broadening interdisciplinary thought processes
  • Assisted in analyzing the results of data graphically using Excel pivot charts
  • Contributed in publication to research findings and results sections for these projects

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant, Engineering Projects in Community Service

July- August 2007

  • Edited and honed course syllabus for the entire program to clarify student misconceptions
  • Faciliation of program processes to ease student transition into EPICS and throughout

Student Assistant, Purdue University Veterinary Medical Library

January-December 2007

  • Assisting patrons to find library materials
  • Circulation and shelving using the Dewey Decimal system
  • Maintenace and repair of large serial volumes, as well as smaller
  • Assisting in preparation of journal materials for sending to the binding factory
  • Guiding patrons in the use of shared office equipment including copiers, printers, pc computer system
  • Helping patrons access the wireless univeristy VPN on their own portable systems
  • Assistance in finding research articles for graduate students and professors in Veterinary Technology and Psychology, both online and on site within the Purdue System

Research Assistant, Indiana University Purdue Univeristy at Indianapolis

May-August 2006

  • Laboratory Techniques including: Microtome, Vibratome, slide mounting, Cresyl Violet staining, sterile plating, light microscopy, immunohistochemistry prep.
  • Rat cage maintenance, handling, behavioral testing, and injection
  • Intubation of rat pups with experiemental amounts of ethanol
  • Morris water maze behavioral testing, including recording ezuipment and Excel logging
  • Eye blink, perfusion, and surgical process observation

Nurse Technician, Home Hospital, Medical Surgical Unit (3PCW)

April 2005-December 2006

  • Assisted confused/dementia-affected individuals and developmentally challenged children
  • Fully literate in Medical Terminology & accepted abbreviations
  • Head to toe clinical nursing assessment skills, validated by coursework and former licensure in nurse assisting
  • Assistance with activities of daily living for very ill patients
  • Diplomatic and confidential communications with the public respecting HIPPA requirements and patient privacy


Charles Goodlett

Robin Adams

Tonya Wichterman

Gerald Wasserman

Some of my work

Achievements & Memberships

Cognitive Neuroscience Society Member, 2008

Semester Honors and Dean’s List, 2003-2008

Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society Member, inducted Spring 2007

DiscoveryPark Undergraduate Internship Scholar, 2007

Phillip & Katherine Harner Nursing Scholarship, 2003-2005

Hoosier Scholar 2003


1. Adams, R.S., Mann, L., Beltz N., Wilson, D. (2008). “Supporting cross-disciplinary competencies:

    Using research in practice.” Submitted to the Annual Global Engineering Education Conference, Cape


2. Beltz, N. (in press). Foreign Scholarship: Not so different after all? [Letter from the Editor] Journal of

    Mind and Cognition (English Version), 1(1), 184-198.

3. Adams, R.S. & Beltz, N. (analysis complete, TBD). Manuscript submission being prepared by Adams.

    This paper is a more analytical cross-cultural extension of “Supporting cross-disciplinary

    competencies:Using research in cpractice.”


Often useful in communicating with Spanish-speaking individuals.
Mandarin Chinese
Essential words of spoken language, can read/write a few characters
English oral and written communication
Software profficient
Microsoft Office 2007 (Word, Excel, & PowerPoint), Windows Explorer, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Windows Journal, Apple IGOR, SPSS, etc.
• Quick learner, especially with computer skills