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A confident, entrant to school teaching, currently completing a PGCEi with University of Nottingham, graduating end of 2016. With an excellent  background in Science , I have successfully taught biology and chemistry to BSc (Medical Laboratory technology) and Biotechnology students in different colleges .I am easy going by nature and able to get along with both work colleagues, pupils and senior managers, currently looking to continue my career as a teacher with a progressive school or college. I am also a competent laboratory scientist who is proficient in a large number of diagnostic and analytical techniques. Overall my goals are to contribute to my employer’s profitability through my determination to succeed and help develop critical scientific thinking in young minds.

Work experience

Sep 2014Present

Lab Technician

GEMS First Point School
  • Preparing chemicals for practical sessions and assisting students when required.
  • Other administration duties
  • Implementing lab-based science lessons and team teaching with mentor teachers.
Jul 2014Aug 2014

Science Communicator

Nutty Scientists

 Educating children about science concepts through the medium of drama;  making it fun and easy to learn and retain

Sep 2013Dec 2013

Lab Instructor

University of Modern Sciences
  • Teaching a full-time course load including Biology/Biotechnology (Zoology,Biochemistry,Introductory Genetics,Genomics & Proteomics)course lectures and laboratories.
  • Leading curricular development and assessment of biotechnology degree programs.
  • Providing academic advise to students.
  • Preparing and administering assessment instruments,
  • Developing and revising biology courses that supported ongoing programs 
  • Participating in division activities including program reviews.
Sep 2012Sep 2013

Science Lab Technician

Uptown School, Dubai

Science Lab Technician

Performing a variety of tasks related to the support of chemistry, biology and physics labs in both junior and senior science classes. As a member of the Science team, Monitoring student safety and be prepared to address safety emergencies including the clean-up of hazardous spills of materials, such as mercury and acids and bases. Organizing Forensic extra-curricular activities and teaching practical sessions.

Mar 2012Aug 2012

Science Technician

Greenfield Community School, Dubai

To prepare practical equipment and make up  solutions used in  science labs. The role also includes instructing and assisting teachers with practical skills, including class demonstrations, for advanced techniques across all disciplines

Aug 2011Feb 2012

Quality chemist

Capable Water Processing LLC

• Collect, test and analyze water and other related samples to determine the physical, chemical and bacteriologic components.

• Prepare bacteriological media and standard chemical solutions;• perform analysis of water quality

 • Supervise production methods to confirm that HACCP /ISO 22000 are complied & food hygiene is maintained.

Mar 2010Jun 2010

Business Development Manager

Talent Plus Software F Z LLC, Dubai
  • Used networking and contact leverage to talk to the decision makers
  • Adapted to different communication and motivation needs and review strategies developed for a particular prospect
  • Apply modern influencing techniques to sales and marketing strategies
  • Recruitment and HR services
Jun 2008Jun 2009

Health Care Professional/Phlebotomist (part-time)

Phlebotomists Direct Limited, Doncaster

As an advanced Health Care Professional/Phlebotomist with specialized cord blood collection training, I worked in different hospitals on a freelance basis collecting stem cells for different 3rd party companies through an agency.

Feb 2008Jun 2009

Phlebotomist/Health Care Assistant


 • Worked as a team member and to support the research project staff in conducting a cohort study, duties involved greeting and introduction with study participants, describing study aims to participants, role of participants and participant’s rights. Worked as a phlebotomist aiming to carry out my duties with highest standards and techniques. Also worked in the laboratory to store and centrifuge blood sample, packing samples for transport to main laboratory and maintain cold chain of the samples.

Dec 2004Aug 2005

Assistant Lecturer/ Medical Technologist

Dr M V Shetty College of Health Sciences,Mangalore

 • Worked as Medical Technologist and Assistant Lecturer in Dr. M. V. Shetty College of Health Sciences.

 • Taught Pathology Theory and Microbiology Laboratory Practical to BSc students.

 • Accountable at the Laboratory with patients at Lady Goshen government hospital under-taken for training by DrMVST.

 • As a qualified Laboratory Technologist, it was my duty to take sample specimens and perform necessary diagnostic and analytical tests.

 • Kept myself informed of new techniques and products by regularly interacting with senior professors and doctors in the University.

 • Trained to perform laboratory procedures in microbiology, biochemistry, haematology and clinical pathology and other related items as may be required to hospital wards or patients in Dr M V Shetty College/Surgery laboratories, Mangalore, India.


Jan 2015Mar 2016

Postgraduate Certificate in Education (International) PGCEi

University of Nottingham,UK

 Focuses on the improvement of individual teaching practice through critical reflection and research on practice. Helps compare teaching approaches in different countries and develop a global approach to education.

Sep 2005Oct 2007

MSc. Forensic & Analytical Science

University of Huddersfield, UK

Subjects: Forensic Investigation; Forensic and Laws ;Advanced Methods for Organics; Instrumental Methods, Advance separation Techniques, Toxicology; Fundamental of Analytical Science, Data Treatment and Analysis, Biochemical Methods, Practical’s and Mini Project.

Achievements: Successfully completed final dissertation project in

“Mechanisms Controlling Intracellular Ca2+ in undifferentiated neuronal CAD Cells”

Abstract: Undifferentiated neuronal CAD cells acquired from oncogenesis driven by cell-specific promoters were used in investigating the mechanisms Controlling Intracellular Ca2+ in undifferentiated neuronal CAD Cells. Hence CAD Cells were cultured in the laboratory under aseptic conditions and after a healthy growth was attained they were introduced to Hypotonic, High K+, Ca2+ free isotonic, ionomycin and Caffeine solutions by the technique of Ca2+ Imaging. This resulted in noticeable changes showing different responses. Fluorescence imaging was carried out and the response to Ca2+ was recorded in order to investigate the mechanisms and the role of Ca2+ in undifferentiated neuronal CAD cells.

-Knowledge of HPLC, GC, IR/UV-Spectroscopy, SEM

Jun 2001Nov 2004

BSc. Medical Laboratory Technology

Dr M. V . Shetty College of Health Sciences, India


1st Year

Basic Anatomy (including Histology)

Physiology (Section A)

Biochemistry (section B)

Pathology (Section A)

Microbiology (Section B)

2nd Year

Pathology - Haematology, Clinical Pathology and Histopathology

Microbiology - Bacteriology and Parasitology

Biochemistry - Chemistry of Biological Compounds and their determination

3rd Year

Pathology - Cytology and Blood Banking

Microbiology- Virology, Immunology and Diagnostic Microbiology and   Mycology

Biochemistry- Enzymology, Isotopes, Isotope techniques and Clinical Biochemistry


  • Experience of working in culturally diverse setting.
  • knowledge of inclusion and differentiation
  • Knowledge of the latest instructional technology.
  • Computer literate and proficient in the use of Microsoft Office software.
  • Highly organized and able to meet deadlines.
Completed various team projects within both academic and non-academic environments.

Oral communication skills expressed in presentations and in talking to the general public. My degree course also greatly enhanced my written and verbal communication skills due to the many presentations, assignments, posters, essays and projects required.'During university , as a part of working as a  part-time shop assistant at Tesco , I have had to demonstrate knowledge of the different types of items sold and their uses, to be able to respond effectively to customer queries.

Research Dissertation
Researched extensively both in paper journals, books and on the Internet and library based research for up to 6 months.
HPLC,GC MS,LC MS ,SEM, NMR,  XRF Validation, ICPMS, ICP-OES, AAS,PCR, IR/UV-Spectroscopy,
 Statistical Database Analysis Package: MINITAB® Release 14.20, SPSS 12.0.1, Aptech certified Microsoft Office; MetaFluor®Imaging System

Dissertation (Research)


Jul 2004Present

“Cytological Samples Collection and FNAC, Sterilization and Disposal of Microbiological Waste and Automation Techniques in the field of Biochemistry”

Dr.M.V.S.T, India
Apr 2004Present

“Recent Trends in Immunology and Molecular Biology”

MAHE, India
Feb 2005Present

“Recent Trends in Laboratory Medicine”

MAHE, India
Mar 2013Apr 2013

Genes and the Human Condition (From Behavior to Biotechnology) in Biology

A conceptual and holistic understanding of genetics that includes the major questions arising at the intersection of genetics, genomics and society. The course stresses human genetics.


I enjoy travelling, trekking and the sea. I also have a huge interest in world movies and music. I am an avid reader and love intelligent conversations.