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Work experience

May 2009Present

Clinical Coordinator



Aug 2001Jun 2004


University of Southern Nevada


Hiking, dancing, running cross country, yoga


As a Pharmacist, Nazanin Rezvan participates in Disease State Management practices with other healthcare providers, where she optimizes and monitors drug therapy. In this capacity, Nazanin Rezvan helps to evaluate the suitability of the medications prescribed by a nurse practitioner, a medical doctor, or a physician’s assistant. As a pharmacist, Nazanin Rezvan assumes responsibility for dispensing medication to patients and assisting other healthcare providers with the proper use, as well as the potential adverse effects, of a medication. Nazanin Rezvan studied biology at California State University, Northridge, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in 2002. Nazanin Rezvan then attended pharmacy school at the University of Southern Nevada College of Pharmacy, now known as the University of Southern Nevada. Nazanin Rezvan graduated from pharmacy school in 2004. During Nazanin Rezvan’s days as an undergraduate and pharmacy student, she completed a supervisor class and received many academic accolades, including graduating with honors and receiving a Crucial Conversation Award. While a pharmacy student, Nazanin Rezvan completed rotations in the areas of psychiatry, nutrition, diabetes, community-based pharmacy practices, and general medicine. Nazanin Rezvan completed over 200 hours in the aforementioned rotations and also worked in many internships through area hospitals, clinics and pharmacies. Nazanin Rezvan acted a Pharmacist at Summerlin Hospital in Las Vegas from 2006 to 2007. Nazanin Rezvan’s daily responsibilities included managing order entry, verifying prescriptions, conducting drug utilization reviews, and supervising renal and vancomycin dosing.