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Jul 2015

B.A. (Hons) English

Sri Venketeswara College , Delhi University

College was an entirely new experience all together. A period to explore and transit from the structured ,protected environment to a self regulatory one. Everyday I would be welcomed with infinite opportunities and avenues.Along with an interest in English Literature ,subjects such as philosophy ,political sciences, economics,cosmology and psychology inspire me and expand my consciousness.

I consider myself an avid reader , not just fiction but non fictive readings on social issues ,politics,economics,sciences,spirituality across cultures. Traveling and exploring new deatinations is a huge source of pleasure .I am keen to know ,understand, comprehend and evaluate problem solving and effective strategy-making whether it be management and operations team, decision making, creative team and/ or business team ,thereby the inner working behind institutions ,practices , from local to regional , native and primitive -indigenous forms at the community, society and at a global paradigm.

Extracurricular activities : Dancing (Salsa Course)

Active involvement with painting and Applied Art

Active interest and  in Art Exhibition / shows, 

Particpated in Theatre workshop with Sarita Vohra

Active interest and involvement in Fashion Design.

  • Actively participated in other co-curricular activities like drama, debates & elocution,
  • Mock Parliament 
  • UNDP Water Conservation Project 2014

Interests,hobbies, activities : Reading, writing, sports, theater, photography ,fashion styling adventure sports (rappelling, rock climbing, kayaking, river crossing,rafting, trecking) day dreaming visualizing,dream analysis, alternative healing and therapeutic techniques ,cultural studies. Interactive with nature , media ,social networking and personal networking sites, print media and online communications etc . Keen on following trends styles, social-political-cultural movements and events, schools of thought and philosophy.

Very outgoing. Actively socialize with .friends, keeping a keen interest in what is going on in the Delhi NCR region. Plays, gigs, popular artists, art shows interest me in mobilizing interest.HobbiesTennis, Classical Movies, chess, Social Interactions. 

Jul 2011

Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE)

 The Shri Ram School Aravali

Cleared ISC board of examinations from The Sri Ram School (Aravali) Gurgaon.

Cleared ISC board of examinations from The Sri Ram School (Aravali) Gurgaon.

  • Cleared board examinations with an aggregate of 93.75 % Marks.
  • Honored for excellence in ELECTIVE ART for the year 2010-11 by

            The Shri Ram School, Aravali.

  • Awarded certificate of securing highest marks for ART in ISc Examination 2010-11.                 

Always been strong and confident .As a young school student wanting to lead and becoming a group leader of any project ,taking responsibility throughout till the level of outcome, and representation of projects and assignments and presentations was exciting,adventurous and reassuring as I witness myself as one whose intrigued ,inquisitive ,a thirst for knowledge ,learning and absorbing ,often wondering about the possibilities ,how different things could have been ,creating my own space of comfort,experimenting and finding myself in the library trying to connect the dots from all that is being taught in classes ,to understand the application ,practice and performance of knowledge , exploring structures forms styles and techniques , staying alert ,attentive,perceptive,receptive and responsive to my environment. The art room is usually where I would find my ideas finally taking shape,a place of comfort where I could experiment and examine depths ,sometime finding myself in my dreams,talking to myself ,making a relationship with own self,finding correlations with and in my external and internal realities. Extracurriculars such as sports, ; soccer,cricket,pittu,badminton,tennis,swimming,gymnastics, basketball, I would find myself usually playing with boys, a Tom boy during my high school years. Theatre ,classical dances and music , performing arts, spic macays ,Olympiads , acting in skits in assemblies, interclass board making competitions , art and craft ,science laboratories , indoor games room where few of the common places I d find myself on a regular. 

The most cherished memories and experiences from school would have to be school trips,whether a single day trips to national and cultural heritage sites,parks,planetarium,museums,wildlife sanctuaries, steeped in religion ,enriching art and architecture, an exonerated feeling of awe would take over my whole being and I d be immensely inspired and motivated to share with my parents,illustrate, depict my experience maintaining a portfolio .from single day endeavours ,imminent artists writers sports personalities frequenting our school, it was only common to seek and discover our won passions and interests as high school came to an end. A final big experience and learning was from the cultural exchange trip to Hunan Province to China , where I got to stay in a typical Chinese household ,with language being a barrier, the biggest learning was communication from the heart, when all would fail and only gestures smiles and hugs could express the depths of gratitude and honor felt for the family and my new friend who I considered a part of family when I had the opportunity to host . China was a big stepping stone where my capacity and ability to adapt to a whole new environment and respect other cultures. 

Work experience

Feb 2014

Internship with established Artist

Ragini Sinha

Intern in Fine Arts for 3 months.

Jun 2010

Advertising Agency


Content writing and Creative Design

Add description: Stop Animal Testing for Cosmetic Products.

Jun 2009



Multiple Art projects with the children with cancer including the Chattai Clinic at AIIMS.