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This resume contains all of the activities and clubs that I have participated in along with the activity hours.

Total Hours: 553.5 (so far)


Mobile: 703-623-5645

Home: 703-350-7695


I am a High School Senior at the Islamic Saudi Academy and my current GPA is 4.02. I intend to pursue a career in pediatrics in the the near future and possibly take it one step further and specialize in pediatric neurology. I would like to pursue my medical degree at Johns Hopkins University and receive both my M.D. and Ph.D. there. 


Sep 2012Jun 2016

High School

Islamic Saudi Academy

Ninth grade through Twelfth grade

Volunteer and Extracurriculars

Oct 2014Aug 2016

Volunteer (on going)

Inova Hospital

I assist patients in the emergency and waiting areas. I take them to their physicians and direct all other patients to there doctors. I also serve lunch/dinner to patients.

Hours: 65 (so far)

Sep 2012Jun 2016

Community Service President and Member (on going)

Islamic Saudi Academy

As a community service member, I help co-ordinate school events such as bake sales etc. to raise money for a cause. I recently held an event at school for the Nepal Earthquake Relief through a doughnut sale and was able to raise close to a $1,000.

This year, I am president and will be holding a fundraiser for the Syrian Refugee Crisis and our goal is to send at least 200 Hygiene Kits and 200 Blankets.

Hours: 145 (so far)

Oct 2012Jun 2016

Model United Nations Under-Secretary & Member (on going)

Model United Nations

I have been on the debate team for four years and for Junior and Senior year I was the under-secretary. I provided assistance to the younger team members by preparing them for competitions and helping them write their position papers. 

Hours: 81.5 (so far)

May 2015Jun 2016

National Honor Society Member (on going)

National Honor Society

I am a part of the National Honor Society which is open only to students with 3.5 GPAs or higher and the student must be approved by all teachers. As the secretary, I hold awareness events for rising high-school students to stress the importance of education.

Hours: 25

May 2014Jun 2016

It's Academic (on going)

Islamic Saudi Academy

This is an academic team made up of students with higher academic levels. As a team, we participate in an annual competition against other schools on various academic subjects.

Hours: 25 (so far)

Sep 2015Jun 2016

Green Team

Islamic Saudi Academy

Two students and I founded the Green Team at our school as a way to educate the students and staff on environment safety and reducing, reusing, and recycling. The first objective of the club is to provide a recycling program at the school and also hold a community clean-up event.

Nov 2014May 2016

Junior Varsity and Varsity Soccer Team Manager

Islamic Saudi Academy

As a manager, I helped with some of the coaching techniques for the players and provided feedback for them. I also provided minor medical assistance and encouragement for the team.

Hours: 15

Mar 2016May 2016

DC Mist

I will participate in this annual event for all Muslim Schools which consists of different competitions such as basketball, photography, academics etc.

Hours: ______

Sep 2013Mar 2016

Varsity Team Volleyball Manager

Islamic Saudi Academy

As the Volleyball manager, I did the booking for all of the games. I kept track of scoring and fouls for both teams in order to have clean and fair games.

Hours: 45

Oct 2013Jun 2015

Muslim Student Association Representative

Islamic Saudi Academy

As a representative and active member of the Muslim Student Association, I helped with events held at school that allowed students to learn more about their religion, Islam. We held bully-awareness assemblies, religious Question and Answer sessions, and invited a Christian School, Ad Fontes Academy, to create friendships and understanding between students of two religions.

Hours: 45

Sep 2014Feb 2015

Varsity Basketball Team Manager

Islamic Saudi Academy

As the Basketball manager, I kept scores and managed the team. 

Hours: 60

Apr 2014Apr 2014

School Clean Up

Islamic Saudi Academy

I organized a school clean-up which involved most of the girls in the Girls' High School. We picked up trash from around the school outside and inside.

Hours: 3

Apr 2014Apr 2014

Book Fair Volunteer

Islamic Saudi Academy

I assisted the librarian with the Book Fair sales at my school.

Hours: 3

Apr 2014Apr 2014

Fundraiser Volunteer

Umma Association

I assisted in setting up the seating area, providing information to the guestsm and collecting the funds at the fundraiser. 

Hours: 6

Sep 2012Jun 2013

Library Volunteer

Islamic Saudi Academy

I re-shelved returned books and made sure all books were in there correct places. I also assisted the younger children in finding books that were appropriate for their reading levels. 

Hours: 50

Sep 2012Oct 2012

Key Center

Key Middle School

As a student at Key Middle School, I assisted the disabled students in their classes such as Physical Education and Art. I would assist these students with their sports and crafts for an hour and a half every other day.


Abeer Afana

Head of the Green Team environmental club at the Islamic Saudi Academy

Christina Spencer

Head of the Volunteer Services at Inova Alexandria Hospital.

Nijmah Zayed

The head of the Community Service Club at the Islamic Saudi Academy.

Dolores Rader

Head of the Model UN Club and the It's Academic team at the Islamic Saudi Academy

Nadia Aziz

Head of National Honor Society at the Islamic Saudi Academy.

Salwa Linjawi

Principal of the Islamic Saudi Academy