Sep 2013 - Aug 2015

Master of Science in System on chip

Lund Tekniska Högskola (Lund University)

Relevant courses: Analog IC Design, Integrated Circuit Project (Design and Verification), RF Amplifier Design, Integrated A/D and D/A converters, Integrated Radio Electronics,  Introduction to structured VLSI, Digital IC Design, Modern Electronics, Wireless Communication, Design of Embedded Systems.

GPA: 3.66/5

Jul 2009 - May 2013

Bachelor in Electronics and Communication

Mody Institute of Technology and Science

Relevant Courses: Analog Electronics, Integrated circuits and applications, VLSI Design, Electromagnetic field theory, Microprocessor and microcontroller, Microwave engineering, Power electronics, Antenna and wave propagation,  Control System, DSP Design,  Communication Systems.

GPA: 9.61/10

Work experience

Work experience
Feb 2015 - Jul 2015

Master thesis student

Ruag Space AB

I am working on " Design and test of Low Noise Amplifier in L-band for GNSS applications". My responsibilities include:

  1. Selection of transistor for the design of “Low noise amplifier in L-Band (1.16-1.59 GHz)”
  2. Stability analysis and design of circuit to assure unconditional stability
  3. Selection and design of DC feed circuit
  4. Analysis of noise figure in intrinsic transistor and design of input match network for minimum noise figure with considerably high and  flat gain.
  5. Selection and design of limiter component to reduce input power fed to the LNA
  6. Layout of designed LNA and EM simulation
  7. RF tuning and measurements 
Aug 2014 - Dec 2014


Sensative AB, Lund, Sweden

My tasks included:

  1. Test of sensor components 
  2. Test of complete sensor product
  3. Market research for sensor components and conceptual product creation based on interesting components


1. Title: An ”Ultra Low Power Clock Generator”  Description: Designed and tested a fully integrated frequency synthesizer in 130 nm UMC technology which has a built-in reference clock of 1 MHz .The reference frequency varies by 0.025% when temperature varies between -10°C and 110°C. Based on integer N phase locked loop architecture, the frequency synthesizer operates from 13.8 MHz to 61 MHz with power consumption of 77 µA . Phase noise is -89.6 @ 500 KHz offset dBc/Hz. Its built in area of 1.5x 0.75 mm²(including pads). System modelling was done using Matlab and Simulink. Schematic implementation and Layout  work was done in Cadence. The performance of the taped out chip was  verified using vector network analyzer, spectrum analyzer etc. at EIT, Lund, Sweden.

 2. Title:  “Interfacing keyboard with FPGA board”  Description: A PC  keyboard decoder was created and implemented on FPGA platform. The simulation was carried out using Modelsim while  synthesis for FPGA implementation was done on  Xilinx ISE.

3..Title: Design of ALU  Description: Arithmetic Logic unit was designed for performing addition and subtraction. The result was displayed on FPGA platform.   Simulation was carried out using Modelsim while synthesis was done on Xilinx ISE

4. Title: Energy efficient lighting of corridors  Description: Using 8051 microcontroller and IR transmitter/receiver as sensor an energy efficient lighting system was developed. Programming for the microcontroller was done using Keil C.

Technical expertise 

High Level Languages: Matlab, C, C++, Java (elementary knowledge)


EDA/ECAD Tools: Cadence Virtuoso, Mentor Calibre, Golden gate, Modelsim, Keil, Advanced Design System(ADS), Xilinx ISE, Eagle, Hspice

Web Based Technologies: HTML

Operating System: Linux, Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7 /8

Instruments: Spectrum analyzer, Vector network analyzer, Oscilloscope, UV spectroscope, Transmission Electron Microscope,Noise Figure Meter


Anh Chu, Navneeta Deo, Waqas Ahmad, Markus Törmänen and Henrik Sjöland : An Ultra-low Power Charge-Pump PLL with High Temperature Stability in 130 nm CMOS, IEEE International New Circuits and systems conference, Grenoble,France, June 7-10, 2015

Honor and Awards

  1. Lund University Global Scholarship (2013): This covers my tuition fees for master studies at Lund University
  2. GE Foundation Scholar-Leader (2011-13) : A scholarship of 4500US$ was awarded jointly by General Electric Foundation and Institute of International Education for my efforts in community development alongwith outstanding academic record.
  3.  Summer Research Fellowship (2012) : Research grant was awarded by the Indian Science Academy to perform summer internship at IIT Mumbai.
  4. Best student scholarship(2009-12): Mody Institute of Technology and Science granted scholarship for three subsequent years (2009-12) in undergraduate study for having the highest Cumulative GPA .
  5. Merit Certificate(2006): This was awarded by Central Board of Secondary Education for scoring 100% in Mathematics in All India Secondary School Examination.

Languages known

English-Fluent( ToeflScores: Speaking-28, Writing-25, Listening-21, Reading-25)

Hindi-Mother Tongue

Extracurricular activities

1. Member of Corporate Relations Committee at Teknologkåren(Engineering Students' Union , Lund Institute of Technology): As an international member, I helped in organising company lectures in English targeted  towards  international students.
2. Member of International Student Panel at Lund University:Attended meetings and provided suggestions on "how to make the University more welcoming towards international students and how should students(especially,South Asian) prepare themselves before moving to a new culture/country".
3. Company host in Arkad(2013):Arkad is the largest career fair of Southern Sweden.I was responsible for making contact and invite   ARM company to the fair .I also helped  in setting up their booth during the fair.


  • Markus Törmänen

        Associate Professor, TeknD, Docent

        Department of Electrical and Information Technology,LTH,Lund University, Sweden

        Contact no: +46462229109, E-mail : [email protected]


  • Robert Petersson

          Section Manager, Microwave Department

          Ruag Space AB, Gothenberg, Sweden

          Contact no:+46317354005,  E-mail : [email protected]

  • Jonas Larsson

          RF and Microwave Design Engineer, Microwave Department

          Ruag Space AB, Gothenberg, Sweden

          E-mail : [email protected]