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Programming Languages

Java, C, C++, Python, Perl, Ansible, Bash, Perl, BashAssemblyTuringPHPJS Frameworks, SQL Database

Assorted API's

 Facebook, Twitter, Google, Firebase, Microsoft Azure, Loopback


Linux/Unix/Window, Source Control, Unity, Blender, XCode, Docker, Android SDK, DevOps Tools


May 2016 Sept’ 2017

IBM Canada Markham, ON    

DB2 Software Innovator
  • Worked on a team investigating DB2 system engine and infrastructure failures
  • Developed an automated application to help push the efficiency of maintaining the DB2 test code
  • Implemented Watson’s linear machine learning algorithm in to an automated script to reduce investigation time by half
  • Developed database API and other internal tools for increased efficiency
Sept' 14/15Dec' 14/15

McMaster University n Hamilton, ON

Teaching Assistant - Department of Computer Science
  • Taught over 30 students recursive programming using Haskell
  • Instructed an introduction to Linux and Assembly, class of over 30 students and helped develop their knowledge in creating bash scripts and basic Assembly programming
May' 15Sept' 15

Windsor Mold Group n Windsor, ON

Full Stack Web Developer
  • Worked with a team of 5 web developers to maintain and upgrade web applications.
  • Developed a location tracking web application independently based on the end users requirements.
  • Developed a simple and clean GUI with a strong, and secure backend to allow access into the database.
  • Implemented a calendar based travel expenses GUI, like Outlook in PHP


Sept' 13Present

McMaster University Hamilton, ON

  • Focusing on Deep Learning research using Generative Adversarial Networks
  • Learning the key elements of success in entrepreneurship with hands on experience


  • Quad Copter Simulator: Implemented my first C# application on Unity using a Kinect to develop a virtual drone simulator with motion tracking
  • Virtual Theremin Machine (VTM): Developed on a Kinect using C# on the Unity platform for YHack, to demonstrate how technology and normal products are evolving into virtual reality
  • Stranger: Designed an Android based application for social media using Facebook, Watson API and storing data on Firebase
  • Shopping List: Worked on a Java and PHP based application to help users find the cheapest constructed shopping list, by considering the distance and different store prices
  • Web Page ( Designed and developed a real estate web page in PHP
  • Connect 4: Implanted a simple logic based AI and designed a simple user interface  in a PC application using Java
  • 3D-Maze-Game: Worked with a group of developers to construct a 3D maze in C/C++, with extra materials and features
  • Paint: Developed a C/C++ PC application to represent the windows paint program.
  • Terrai-Generation: Constructed multiple algorithms in C/C++, for allowing the user to generate different types of terrain
  • Tower of Hanoi: Developed and Implemented an algorithm to solve the tower of hanoi puzzle using Assembly
  • Fall Down: Designed a game in grade 10 for the computer based off an android application using Turing

For project details please visit my Github.


  • Machine Learning
  • Android and IOS app development
  • Web design and development
  • 3-D Animation and design
  • Networking and information security
  • Learning and staying up to date with new technology
  • Active member of DefCon Toronto
  • Aviation and Aeronautics
  • Solving Complicated Puzzles


  • 3rd place at YHack (Oct' 14) for most innovative team out of 2500 people
  • DB2
  • Technology Executive on the Google Ignite CS program for McMaster Outreach
  • 1st place at HackRU (Oct' 14) for best design with windows API
  • GIAC Security Essentials (GSEC) (in progress)