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To carry out Research & Development to suit and benefit citizens.


1. Origami

2. Applied and pure Mathematics to solve computational problems


I have expertise & know how in the areas of Open Source technologies, especially Software Localization & Software Accessibility. Besides this, I also have a keen interest in the areas of Natural Language Processing, Data Mining and computational Origami.

Work experience

Jan 2007Present

Assistant Software Engineer

CDAC Mumbai

Project Description: Anumaan (Predictive Text Entry for GNOME Desktop)

Anumaan is a perspective based, adaptive, predictive text entry system. It facilitates text entry by anticipating words and sentence fragments. The application uses N-gram language modelling techniques to generate predictions. This application is similar to T9 dictionary employed on Mobile phones, except that it works at the word level as well as at the sentence level. This application is adaptive to a limited extent and adapts (its frequencies) accordingly to the writing style of the user. The Model can also be trained using the articles/essays provided by the users of this system. Currently the Application is available in 2 flavours; as a standalone application and other integrated with GNOME desktop text widgets.

Technologies & tools used: XML (to store language models), Java Swing, Java Native Interface, C/C++, AT-SPI  API's.

Role In Project: (Team Leader) conceptualization of the project, design & implementation.

Aug 2004Present

CDAC Mumbai


Lectures at CDAC Mumbai:

1. Web Programming: HTML, XML, DOM.

2. Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science: Probability and Statistics, Therory of Computation, Sequence Summation and Logarithms, Number Theory.

3. C/C++

Lectures outside CDAC Mumbai:

1. Software Localisation and Internationalisation

2.  Introduction to GNU/Linux.

Aug 2004Present

CDAC Mumbai

Operational and other Responsibilities:

1. Coordinate the operations of CDEEP distance education courses from IIT Bombay, at CDAC Mumbai.

2. Coordinated Enterprise Computing module for CDAC Mumbai educational courses.

3. Project Meetings and ISO documentations related to my projects.

4. Member of Organizing team of NCOSS-2009

Sep 2008Oct 2008

Assistant Software Engineer

CDAC Mumbai, IBM India

Project Description: Sahana implementation for Bihar floods

This particular effort, which was being led by IBM India, required them to use some specialised Software(s) to assist Government of Bihar, with certain aspects of flood management (e.g. Shelter Management, Disaster Victim Registry etc.). Our 2 member  OSSRC team was entrusted with the task of installation & customization (in part) of a popular FOSS disaster management software named Sahana ( ) The team used it's FOSS experience to carry out all required tasks and the work was praised by IBM India. We customized and implemented Disaster Victim Registry, Missing Persons registry, Database backup procedures and 64 Bit Ubuntu Server installation and management  for Sahana hosting in Patna.

Technologies & tools used: Sahana(, mysql, php, Ubuntu 7.4 64 Server Edition.

Role In Project: (Tream Member) Customization and Implementation of Sahana, MySql database Backup procedures, Ubuntu Installation and Management, Sahana Hosting.

Jan 2006Jul 2006

Project Engineer

CDAC Mumbai

Project Description: Speech Recognition (Mozilla Firefox)

In-House project to Speech enable (Speech Recognition), Mozilla Firefox to take & execute verbal commands of the speakers, using Accessibility API's (AT-SPI).

Technologies & tools used: C/C++, Java, Java Native Interface; Sphinx-4 Speech API's, AT-SPI API's.

Role in Project: (Team Leader) Design & Implementation

Jul 2005Dec 2005

Project Engineer

CDAC Mumbai

Project Description: Speech Recognition (Pine)

In-House project to Speech enable (Speech Recognition), Pine email Client to take & execute verbal commands of the speakers.

Technologies & tools used: C, Java, Java Native Interface; Sphinx-4 Speech API's, Pine source code for modification

Role in Project: (Team Leader) Design & Implementation

Aug 2004Apr 2005

Technical Associate

CDAC Mumbai

Project Description: Guide To Localisation (

The Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) Guide to Localization assists people in localizing FOSS applications. It covers all the steps involved in the localization process. In addition, the guide includes a list of tools useful for the various tasks in localisation. This guide is a joint production of UNDP funded International Open Source Network (IOSN) and CDAC Mumbai.

Technologies & tools used: C/C++, Java, DocBook, gettext internationalization library, fontforge font creation tool, International Component for Unicode (ICU), Pango library, Encoding Converters, Gtranslator, KBabel, poedit etc.

Role in Project: Co-Author



Bachelor of Information Technology



Linux Apache MySQL PHP (LAMP)
Used in Sahana Project for one month.
GDB, Dia, Kino, Eclipse, CVS,
Data Structures, Object Oriented Programming, Natural Language Processing.
Created VRML and OpenGL models and environements for personal usage and academic curiosity. Knowledge of OpenGL based libraries and API's and VRML and X3D formats.
Implemented 3 projects using Java.
Implemented 3 projects using C/C++
Knowledge of Dom based parsing  API's. Taught entry level XSL at CDAC Mumbai.
‌Software Accessibility
I have working knowledge of Accessibility related issues of Open Source Softwares.   Current Project: Anumaan (Predictive Text Entry for GNOME Desktop)   Previous Projects on Accessibility:   1. Speech Recognition (Pine) 2. Speech Recognition (Mozilla Firefox)   Paper on Accessibility: 1. Automatic Generation of Speech Interface for GUI tools/applications using Accessibility Framework. TechShare India 2008.
Softare Internationalization and Localization
Co-Authored IOSN funded Free/OpenSource Software Guide to Localisation  ( My knowldge domain covers areas such as locale, unicode based character encodings, Fonts, Rendering issues, Input Method engines, Localisation and Internationalisation API's and other tools which are used in open source domain for Localisation purpose.