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  • 4 years of experience in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD), and Object Oriented Programming (OOP) using .NET Framework & Java/J2EE.
  • 4 years of experience in working with Visual Studio, Team Foundation server and SVN.
  • 3 years of experience in ASP.NET, C# .NET, VB.NET, Web Services and WCF, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, JSON, CSS, XML, XSLT, HTML and DHTML.
  • 1 year of experience in Android development using Android SDKs.
  • 1 year experience in working with Windows Forms, Windows Services, IIS and T-SQL
  • 1 year of experience in working with Java, J2EE, Spring framework and Struts.
  • 4 years of experience in ADO.NET, ADO.NET Entity Framework with LINQ, MSSQL Server, Stored Procedures, SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Service), Oracle.
  • 2 years of experience working with UNIX, Windows Batch scripts.
  • Basic knowledge of Visual Basic, C, C++, also WPF, Silverlight and SQL Server Integration Service.
  • Good knowledge in socket programming and multithreaded programming in Linux and Solaris system using C/C++, java programming language and CGI programming.
  • 3 years of experience in project documentation, logical and analytical abilities.
  • Excellent Interpersonal and Communication skills, coupled with strong technical and problem solving capabilities.


To secure a position where I can apply my educational and technical experience to work towards my career goals.

Work experience

Jun 2011Present

Software Developer

Rhima Investments

Project Title:  DealEvo (A CMS to manage vehicle dealership)

“DealEvo” is a CMS for managing vehicle dealership. This CMS basically provides facilities for scheduling test drive appointments, inventory management, creating prospects, deals, trades, appraising vehicles and preparing documentations. It is both windows based and web based application.


ØWorked with all phases of Software Development Life Cycle with 3-Tire architecture.

ØDesigned and developed the DealEvo Android Application for smartphones/tablets using Android 3.0 SDK.

ØDeveloped windows based application with the integration of Snapshell® ID Reader SDK to scan driver license.

ØCreated web forms with different user controls, JavaScript, JQuery and CSS.

ØWorked on both windows based and web based application using C# and ASP.NET.

ØConsumed XML based API from different companies to automate the vehicle features and description.

ØImplemented service to consume JSON from the web service and implemented it in the web forms.

ØDeveloped Windows Service to run periodic schedule task.

ØCreated Web Services to support applications and consumed Web Services from different financial companies.

ØUsed ADO.NET and Entity Framework along with LINQ, LINQ to Object, LINQ to SQL to work with SQL Server.

ØCreated different Custom User Controls, used over ASP.NET web forms and handled events from the controls.

ØDeveloped HTTP Module and HTTP handler to process Http request made from web forms.

ØWorked with reporting services using SSRS, reporting pages and export in Excel and other format like CSV.

ØUsed iTextSharp to generate pdf documents.

ØExtensively worked with Gridview, DetailsView in web pages to represent data in different and cleaner ways.

ØDeveloped reports with the help of MS Chart-Data Visualization in graphical form.

ØImplemented Google and Twilio API to send text messages and to find the location information.

ØWrote Stored Procedure, Views and SQL queries to insert, update, delete and select data from MSSQL Server.

ØUsed AJAX Control Toolkit to develop AJAX enabled web forms.

ØImplemented role and membership to grant different resource to different users and groups.

ØDone integration of modules with integration testing. Also performed unit testing of individual modules.

ØPerformed deployment and maintenance of the web application to test, backup and production IIS 7.5 server.

ØCreated Windows batch scripts to backup MSSQL Server 2008 database on daily basis.

ØWorked with SMTP, POP3 and IMAP protocols to send and receive emails with attachments.

May 2010Jun 2011

Software Engineer/Configuration Controller Intern

Quest Diagnostics/Ameripath

Project Title: Pathway Deployment Automation

“Pathway Deployment Automation” tool basically automates the deployment of the code builds to staging, training and testing environment. The deployment is done on both UNIX and Windows server.


ØManaged release and configuration of applications on UNIX and Windows based server operating systems.

ØWorked on planning and implementing releases of software from building into multiple environments.

ØUsed Oracle to run database scripts also performing reports deployment through IBM Cognos.

ØMaintained change logs, reviewed and escalated defects to the appropriate team to ensure resolution.

ØManaged SVN and Cruise Control. Created and managed change requests through HP Service Manager.

ØUsed PUTTY, XML Reader and HTTP-PING utilities to create deployment utility in Windows batch script.

Nov 2007Dec 2008

Software Engineer/Configuration Controller

Infosys Technologies Ltd

Project Title: Courier Service Automation

““Courier Service Automation” is a web based application used to manage couriers and also used to generate reports, create invoices and track deliveries.


ØWorked with all phases of Software Development Life Cycle with 3-Tire architecture.

ØCreated scripts and procedures in Oracle 10g and PL/SQL. Also used command line tools to import data.

ØDeveloped web pages using HTML and JSP/J2EE and used JAVA for business logic.

ØPerformed unit and integration testing before deployment to production.

Project Title: IFRS (Web Reporting tool)

“IFRS” is a reporting tool used by power plant production company ALSTOM. This web based application provides functionality to upload power plant project data and perform calculations to generate various reports which can be exported to excel, pdf etc.


ØDesigned web pages with ASP.NET, HTML, JavaScript and CSS for presentation and C# for business logic.

ØUsed Crystal Reports for generating reports and exporting them to pdf and excel format.

ØDeveloped the application using all phases of Software Development Life Cycle with 3-Tire architecture.

ØWorked on ADO.NET with SQL Server for database operations. Also wrote queries and procedures in T-SQL.

ØPerformed unit, integration and user acceptance testing before deployment to production.

Project Title: CT Plus (Project Management tool)

“CT Plus(PFT Pro)” is a project management tool used by power plant company ALSTOM. This windows based application basically provides functionality of creating a new project, add various costs incurred in various currencies, generate cashin and cashout graphs, and generate reports on turnover according to business units in different regions.


ØBuilt Windows forms for presentation layer in VB.NET as development language.

ØWorked on the application using all phases of SDLC with Microsoft Enterprise library.

ØUsed Crystal Reports for creating reports and exporting them to different formats and used ADO.NET and Entity Framework to work with SQL Server. Wrote queries, procedures and triggers for database communication.

Performed requirement gathering and database designing. Also performed unit and integration testing.
May 2007Oct 2007

Web Developer

Modern IT Solutions

ØDeveloped used to manage car and customer information and generate reports. Technology used was ASP.Net(C#), SQL Server 2005 and .Net charts.

ØDeveloped used to publish and search the various engines and engine parts. Technology used was ASP.Net(C#) and SQL Server 2005.

ØDesigned and developed used to search lamps used in TV/Projectors based on different criteria. Technology used was ASP.Net (VB) and SQL Server 2005.

ØDeveloped used to import products, search, calculate UPS shipping rate and post products to using respective APIs in ASP.Net(C#) and SQL Server 2005.

Developed to retrieve products information from distributors through feeds to sell online and to post on Google, Bing and TheFind Shopping using respective API’s in ASP.Net(C#) and SQL Server 2005. 


Sep 2003May 2007

Bachelors of Engineering

Mumbai University


MS SQL Server