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To obtain a full time position in a multinational company which offers a professional working environment and enables individual growth while meeting the corporation’s goals.



Master of Business Administration Program in Logistics

Panyapiwat Institute of Management, Thailand

Case study analysis of a distribution center for a set of the products break case by using simulation arena model


Bachelor of Science Program in Agro – Industry

Naresuan University



Major: science/math

Nakhonnayok Wittayakom High School, Thailand


Work experience


A kitchen hand

Sushi Bar Rashai Restaurant (Japanese food) Annandale, Australia

I was a kitchen hand for about 1 year and 2 months, assisting the chefs in preparing, storing food and distributing food items, washing and cleaning utensils, dishes and work areas.


Insurance claims staff

Nakhonnayok Hospital, Naknonnayok, Thailand

I was responsible for insurance claims for about 2 years. I served patients requiring medical insurance by determining insurance coverage; examining and resolving medical claims, and documented medical claims by completing forms, reports, and records.


Quality Control (QC)

Bangkok Ranch Public Company Limited, Samut prakan, Thailand

I was responsible for quality control (QC) for about 2 years. I visually inspected or manually tested products before, during or after the manufacturing process. I ran and monitored inspection equipment and recorded and analyzed the quality of the data as well.


Culinary operations

Sea World Work and Travel Program, Florida, Unites States

I was responsible for culinary operations for about 3 months. I worked under the supervision of the head chef. I chopped vegetables, prepared salads and materials used by the restaurant’s chefs and cooks.


Apr 2009         Certificate in Effective Communication, Technology Promotion Association (Thailand-Japan)

Aug 2005         Certificate in GLP, ISO/IEC 17029,  Naresuan University,Thailand

July 2005         Certificate in GMP, ISO 22000, HACCP, Naresuan University,Thailand


  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • Simulation version. Arena
  • Typing skills : Thai 45 words per minute

                                 : English 35 words per minute


Why I chose to study in the Agro and Logistics industry:

Firstly, because Thailand is the “Food and Logistics Centre” of South East Asia. Moreover, Thailand’s food and agriculture have been an important part of the Thai way of life. Thailand is a major export of agriculture and food products. In addition, Thailand’s location gives us a unique advantage to become a future world logistics hub.

Why I chose to go to Australia:

I was inspired by the AEC (Asean Economic Community). English is significant for communication nowadays. Every global business uses English and requires the 4 skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening, which I greatly improved during my time in Australia.

Personal Work Ethic

My personality is friendly and diligent. I am a fit, strong, hard-working team player with a “can do” attitude. I am also a fast learner and always eager to enhance my skills and improve my performance.

My Goal

I am looking for work overseas. Working overseas is a great opportunity and a major challenge. Each country has its own rules and own way of working, which is interesting for me. Moreover, I will learn things from a different angle, which will enable me to be more efficient. Working overseas will allow me to enjoy new things and meet new people who have different cultures and I will have to adapt my way of life as I require flexibility and determination.