Naushad Kollikkathara

Work History

Work History

Business Process Engineer & Sustainability Manager


Documented success highlighted by rapid acceleration to increasingly responsible positions and achievements in improving bottom-line financial results. Led highly significant and complex enterprise-wide projects with primary activity around ERP administration, business process improvements, IT management, sustainability management, and business decision-making support to drive higher productivity, efficiency, and quantifiable improvements enterprise-wide

Select Highlights

▪ Went the extra mile and saved the company from Supply Chain crisis by learning the intricacies and personally taking over operations for purchase and forecasting across supply chain and marketing[130 SKU portfolio]

▪ Led an ERP upgrade transition project ahead of time, within budget and delivered a future ready solution. Positioned the organization among the top 33% of companies that achieved a successful ERP upgrade globally.

▪ Brought in proprietary methodologies and standardized supply chain, sales and operations planning(S&OP) frameworks for the first time ever in the organizational history, which have been benchmarked and replicated globally.

▪ Implemented new shipment processing system integration and provided alternate shipping channel with prospects of saving more than 10% in shipping costs per year.

▪ Conducted business analytics, mentored project teams towards reducing logistics costs and freight expenditure, and implemented service management changes, resulting in $100K annual operational cost savings.

▪ Spearheaded a number of ERP customization projects, including user access control management, pharmacy management system upgrade, and optimization of ERP solutions vendor interactions, that led to business compliance, cost reduction, and business continuity and efficiencies.

▪ Focused on technology adaptation and adoption to managing project lifecycle and business operations, assisted with empowering project management and office productivity attributes of employees, and staffing efforts.

▪ Created/presented an innovative ERP and CRM decision support model for business investments to global CEOs.

▪ Managed organization wide projects to ensure efficient integration of new technology systems and SDLC procedures into business processes and to safeguard business from risks.Projects spanned:-

>> Revamp of Web Development and Ecommerce Platform| Virtualization of Support platforms of several business applications| Project Management and CRM Systems| Security, Compliance, and Sales Tax Administration Systems

▪ Collaborated with business leaders to identify challenges, gaps and improvements needed, conducted IT and organizational assessments, and business transformational initiatives

▪ As a Sustainability Management Program Leader, created and actualized plans for environmental sustainability compliance. Directed sustainability teams, including planning, operations, and implementation of organizational initiatives and submission of reports for GRI assessment and Carbon Footprint initiative.

Managing Principal


Consulted with small-/medium-sized companies and provided functional expertise in business analysis, project and integration management, IT, operations, continuous process and business performance improvement, cost reduction, value creation, and operational efficiencies. Worked directly with stakeholders to understand, document, review, and prioritize strategic and operational drivers as well as developed, advised about, and implemented agreed solutions.

Select Highlights

▪ Facilitated business formation of a new consultancy service and established functional areas, including accounting, operations, sales and marketing services.

▪ Helped a global company($20m revenue) improve business operational processes by evaluating, re-designing and executing new operational process flows, while reduced 6% in annual operational costs.

▪ Consulted with a local business service and outlined possible strategies for market penetration increase and ROI-focused location selection for the set-up of new offices across the state.

Technical Project Consultant


▪ Provided strategic planning for initiating environmental sustainability projects and forming integral partnerships for the group.

▪ Built inter-organizational relations, provided due diligence for environmental compliance status, and assessed innovative technology for service projects in Asia.

▪ Selected for overseas project coordination. Traveled to Dubai, U. A. E and held discussions with director of local environmental organizations and with potential investors for furthering project implementation.

Regional Associate


▪ Led teams through acquisition, construction, holding, and resale of underused housing and commercial properties for sustainable use, managed operations in capital raising efforts, and contributed to significant investments from VCs.

▪ Supported business analysis and project management activities, participated in key strategic initiatives, conducted client interviews and workshops, presented solutions and recommendations, and contributed to process improvement.

▪ Provided client relationship and outreach support with creation and maintenance of new digital and conventional out-reach channels and involved in proposal development activities for HUD affordable housing development grants.

Adjunct Professor

SUNY WCC College

 ▪ Taught undergraduate courses in Earth Science and Oceanography and aided in curriculum development.





Project Management and Execution

Risk Management

Business Analytics

Organizational Development

Business Strategy

Negotiation and Mediation

IT Management

Cost Control

Technical Skills

Scientific Research

GIS Analysis

Systems Dynamic Modeling

Professional Memberships

▪ Association of Business Process Management Professionals

▪ The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi

▪ System Dynamics Society

▪ The Association of American Geographers

▪ Gamma Theta Upsilon, International Geographical Honor Society

▪ International Society for Environmental Information Sciences (ISEIS)

▪ Indian Society of Remote Sensing


2011 - Present

Project Management Certification

Rockland BOCES
2013 - Present

MS Project Certification

New Horizons
2012 - Present

MS Access Certification

New Horizons
2006 - Present

Arc GIS Certification

2007 - Present

Radiation Safety Officer - 40 hr

2005 - Present

OSHA 10 hour General Industry Training Program

2005 - Present

NJDEP Site Remediation Basics