Nauman Tasaddiq

Nauman Tasaddiq


To join a quality conscious organization that provides opportunities for career growth and enhancement of my knowledge and capability, to make solid contribution by applying skills/experience & academic knowledge.


Oct 2005 - Oct 2009

Bechlor of Engineering

University of Azad Jummu & Kashmir



Technical Skills

Trainings CCNA (Cisco certified network associate). MCSE (Microsoft certified system engineer). Languages: C and Bourne shell, bash, HTML, Javascript; debug Perl 5.   Hardware: Sun Enterprise, Blade, StarFire, SunFire series, Dell Power- Edge server 380/390 workstations, HP 9000 (800 series servers, 700 ser- ies clients), SGI Challenge, Indigo and Onyx, IBM RS/6000. Legacy sys- tems: DEC 8000 series and VAX-11, Pyramid 90x, Acropolis RAID, NeXT.   Operating Systems: Solaris 7 (SunOS 5.7) 8, 9 and 10 and all SunOS 4.1, RedHat Enterprise Linux 3 and 4, RedHat Linux 8 and 9.   Network Services: DNS, NIS, NFS, NTP, UUCP and timed.   Webserver Administration: Apache, WebLogic and WebSphere   Software Network Protocols: TCP/IP, UDP, VLAN, VPN, XNS, PPP and SLIP.   Hardware Network Protocols: Ethernet 10/100Mb and 1Gb (copper and fiber) CDDI, FDDI, ATM, X.25 and token ring.   Communication and Disk Hardware: Cisco routers & switches, Bay Networks and Cabletron hubs, Network Appliance filers, Nortel and HP switches, Livingston Portmas- ter terminal servers and NCD devices.   Applications: ClearCase 3.2, HP OpenView, Legato NetWorker, Samba, Veritas NetBackup, Sun Cluster, Solstice Disk Suite, Cadence/Synopsys CAD tools including GlobeTrotter license manager.

Work experience

Work experience
Jun 2010 - Present

System Administrator

Information Technology Board Gov. of AJK
  • Reporting to Project manager regarding Network & application issues & help them in managing Data center/ server room.
  • To manage Data networks of Government departments.
  • To configure/manage/monitor all the networking equipments (routers, switches, DSL modems, Firewalls, IDS, IPS, Load balancers etc.)
  • Manage and troubleshooting of the network application, equipments and infrastructure installed at different Government departments and data center.
  • To implement Network Security and Network Management policies and procedures.
  • Interaction with end user (i.e. employees of Government departments) to provide support regarding network related issues like connectivity with servers, PCs and other equipments on the LAN/WAN.
  • To communicate and liaison with web hosting and internet connectivity (bandwidth) provider(s) for reliable, smooth and stabilized internet facility for government department.
Nov 2009 - Jan 2010


Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited

Under Senior Engineer Switching & Transmission Islamabad Telecommunication Region (ITR) S/Town Rawalpindi.

During this period I have gained comprehensive knowledge and maintenance procedures of

Optical Fiber system and Core Transmission Network like SDH, ADM 2.5GB, 10 GB.