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Natwan Logan is a mental health professional and counselor at Affiliated Sante Group, a company that he has worked for since 2008. He began with the company in 2008 as one of their crisis counselors and following years off good work in the field, he was awarded with a promotion to rehabilitation counselor. He has a reputation for being able to function well in the midst of a complicated and delicate situation by remaining calm and instilling calmness in those around him. He is an articulate communicator and he is able to decipher the details to make accurate analytical evaluations. The Chicago native now makes his home in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.

Educational Background

Following the completion of his studies at North Carolina's Grace Bible College/Seminary that is situated in Morrisville, Natwan Logan earned a degree as a Dr. of Theology and Philosophy. He later furthered his studies and earned a Master's Degree in Human Services at Lynchburg, Virginia's Liberty University in 2010. He is currently studying while working full time, and should be awarded a Doctor degree in Education in 2014.

Natwan Logan's Early Career Positions in the US Navy

In 1993 Natwan Logan took a position with the U.S. Navy and became a member of the US Presidential Honor Guard. While serving in that position, he took part in some 200 governmental ceremonies that took place involving the retirement ceremonies of officers or other events that were related to the U.S. President. He also had other duties that involved conducting guided tours with full explanations on the US destroyer, USS Barry. While leading the tours, he explained to local visitors and tourists in DC the details and interesting points of the Navy's ship. In 1995 he took a job with the United States Navy as an Administrative Specialist in its offices that were located in Putuxent River, Maryland. During that time he carried out administrative duties such as writing and correcting letters that were in reference to pay scales, maintaining the intricate filing system for the office and he was in charge of the department's various publications.

Rehabilitation Counselor

In 2008 Natwan Logan's career took a turn as became a crisis interventional counselor at Affiliated Sante Group, where he continues to work today. He works with the crisis intervention units in the city and the county when they are called out to situations involving a mental health crisis. He was recently awarded a new position and is now a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Counselor. In his position, he is in charge of recruiting additional clients and CBH Health Program's marketing. He also works as the liaison that stands between the various referrals and the client. He carries out studies for the mental health care programs and he meets with local hospital and mental health service representatives personally to provide accurate screening.

Personal Details

Natwan Logan, who is an ex-Scoutmaster in the Boy Scouts, likes to stay active through sports such as swimming and basketball. He also likes reading books by Edwin Abbott and Derek Walcott and attending the cinema.

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