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Work experience

Sep 2012Present

sandwich creator


Trained new employees and created sandwiches

May 2009Present



Trained new employees, delivered accurate customer orders, and greeted customers

May 2010Jul 2010

Bus cleaner

Red Lion Bus Company

Accomplished cleaning over 70 school buses in a few months

May 2008Jan 2010

Aquatics clerk


Trained new employees, provided customer service, organized merchandise, and cared for animals

Apr 2008Jan 2010


Lion's Pride Family Restuarant

Trained new employees, restocked table items, and took customer orders accurately

Apr 2006May 2008


Musso's Italian Restaurant

Trained new employees, cleaned restaurant, and accurately took customer orders


Jan 2010Present

Bachelor's in Science

Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Jan 2009Dec 2009

Millersville University


Biography: Courtney Dedrick is a high energy, passionate, caring, and trustworthy female who has gone through 4 years of college in order to pursue her dream of obtaining a degree that will allow her to help others. Courtney was inspired to become involved in a field that helped others after her grandfather whom she was close to passed away while she was in high school. Courtney wanted to do anything she could to help ease the pain her grandfather was going through. While at one of his doctor appointments she had picked up an article that advised cancer patients to consume fruits, vegetables, fish, and other healthier choices versus red meats. This intrigued her and inspired her to look more into healthy food options with different diseases. While Courtney does not have her grandfather now, she is wishing to help other needy people who want her help as a college graduate from the dietetic track.

Work philosophy: I believe that everyone who works should look at their job as contributing to the world around us. I also believe that people should take their job seriously because each job affects some other person, whether it is good or bad. I want my career to put my knowledge and skills to the test.

Goals:                          (2 years)

  • become a registered dietitian technician (DTR)
  • have a job that I am proud to go to everyday
  • make a difference
  • be appreciated

                                      (5 years)

  • become a registered dietitian (RD)
  • working at a site where I am appreciated
  • be proud of my job
  • make a difference

    Volunteer and Leadership achievements:

    York Rescue Mission- I have volunteered at the York Rescue Mission every Thanksgiving for the past 5 years.

    Environment clean up- Every summer I get a group of friends to go clean up spots near the Susquehanna River.

    Pleasant Acres Nursing and Rehabilitation Center- Volunteered a summer to visit the elderly and sick.

    Kaltreider-Benfer Library- I restocked books and decorated the library for events

    Dean's list- 2/7 semesters


This portfolio was created to help me obtain a career where I can use the skills and knowledge I acquired while attending Indiana University of Pennsylvania.


To make a difference, help those who want help, and help keep our world a beautiful and livable place


Care for
Ever since I can remember, I have cared for animals as well as humans. I always wanted to cure family members colds and I wanted to make every pet I had live for as long as possible.
High school was were I first acquired this skill. I did research on anything from colleges to disease and food consumption.
Open minded
Throughout college I realized that you can not be close minded if you want to embrace new ideas, customs, or even discoveries.
Self motiveated
Without self motivation I would not have gone to college.
Trust is a big priority to me, I feel as though everyone needs someone they can talk to and trust.
Customer service
Ever since my first job at the age of 16, I have had to have the skill of customer service. 
Organization has been apart of my life since my junior year in high school when I started getting more assignments and when I was working a job because I wanted to keep track of what I had to do and how much time I had to accomplish the tasks. I write a to-do list everyday where I prioritize all my tasks.
Communication is used everyday in my life whether it be speaking and/or writing/typing.


Heather Feeser

Ms. Feeser was my insurance agent and has volunteered at the York Rescue Mission during Thanksgiving with me for the past 5 years

Stephanie Gumbert

Ms. Gumbert has been my manager for over a year at McDonald's.

Chad Waltersdorff

Mr. Waltersdorff has worked with me for over two years.