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I am seeking a position within the marketing department of an event management company, or as an event planner/ coordinator in an organisation, possibly with an international perspective (special interest in North America, Western Europe and Africa).



African, European, and Asian gastronomy


Basketball - competition (10 years), modern and classic dance (6 years),hip-hop dance (7 years), gymnastics (3 years), swimming


Togo, Benin, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Senegal, Nigeria, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Canada, US, Democratic Republic of Congo, Burkina Faso, England, Morocco, France.



Bachelor of Business Administration


Work experience

Jan 2011Jul 2011

Marketing Manager

VMB Mark

·Developed the client portfolio

·Managed the Social networks of the agency

·Created new concepts

·Helped in the creation and the consolidation of new projects

·Planned and organized events

·Monitored and coordinated events

·Analyzed and evaluated events

·Managed the organization, communication, and technical workforce (three teams)

·Managed internal and external communication within the company

Nov 2009Jan 2011

Marketing Manager

Good Vibes

·Managed the Social networks of the agency

·Helped in the redaction of showcases contracts

·Supervised the organization, communication workforce before during and after each event

  Managed internal and external communication within the company



Spanish was the third language I chose when I was in high school and I continued learning when I arrived in France. A one month trip to Madrid allowed me to improve my proficiency in the language.
This is my native language
This is my first speaking language.
I first learned English at school, but I've been using the language through the last 18 years with the different places I visited or lived in and my curricular education
various managerial areas
·    Ability to work alone as well as  in a team ·    Communication and public relations ·    Efficiency in a tensed environment ·    Management of one or more teams in a stressed situation ·    High stress handling proficiency ·    Excellent communication problem solver ·    Multitasking proficiency
taskmerlin software
TaskMerlin is a project management software I am currently using for a project of building construction I am currently working on. I also use is for a personal business project which is in standby for now.
microsoft office professional plus tools
  ·    Microsoft Word, Excel, Works, Access, Power Point, Picture Manager, Project, Outlook, and Front Page (English and French, versions of 2003, 2007, and 2010) ·    Mastery of SQL ·    Creation and update of  databases using Microsoft Access ·    Creation and update of websites with Microsoft Front Page ·    Implementation of projects using Microsoft Project ·    Use of Microsoft Groove as a tool in group projects



Certificate level 2 in Computer System - “B2i”

Nantes Academy