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Work experience

Financial Analyst/financial Systems Analyst

BearingPoint, LLC.
Prior to, my duties and responsibilities as a Financial Analyst/Financial Systems Analyst included: Assigned to Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution(PPBE) Branch in the Program Management Office-Defense Travel System(PMO-DTS). Monitored all Budget Execution transactions in PMO-DTS Financial Management System Deltek CostPoint for budget controls; Professionally tracked and adjusted all PMO-DTS commitments, financial obligations and expenditures in Deltek CostPoint; Evaluated and processed all Prime and Support Contracts within the Financial Management System(FMS); Assisted with preparation of FY06-FY11 O&M and RT&E Program Objective Memorandum(POM); Analyzed financial data for preparation of current year ad hoc reporting using Deltek Cognos Impromptu interface; Completed a final copy of a Financial Management System Accounting Procedures User's Manual for government clients..


BearingPoint, LLC.
Arlington, Virginia Consultant Provided Project Management consulting services for Program Manager-Navy Marine Corps Intranet(PM-NMCI), Department of Navy. Supported the Program Manager for the Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System(NSIPS) Program. Responsibilities were as follows: Performed analyses of program funding for all Planning, Programming, and Budgeting System(PPBE) phases, including POM, Budget Estimate Submission(BES), President's Budget(PB) development and other budget exercises. Ensured program issues are considered during POM development and budget review process. Prepared program budget exhibits. Provided guidance and assistance to Program Managers/Project Leads in the development of issue papers and program change proposals. Created funding documents utilizing client's financial systems(FMIS2000, SAP/FIMs+). Assisted client with management of program funds to include execution monitoring. Communicated with project team leads, facilitate client meetings, develop workplans, and coordinate project team activities. Demonstrated the ability to multi-task and deliver consulting services to multiple clients concurrently with a strong customer service orientation.

Financial Analyst II/budget Analyst Ii

ManTech International Corporation
formerly MTCSC), Stafford, Virginia Financial Analyst II/Budget Analyst II As a Financial/Budget Analyst II I was responsible for the support of the Program Support Development Team. I assessed and developed unique data and program requirements required for use in by management to track and maintain various projects valued over 1.2 million dollars. I prepared specialized reports and graphs requested by the Program Manager and corporate executives. I supported the Program Manager in consolidating data to provide funding summaries and the status of individual projects, delivery orders or contracts. I analyzed and compared obligations and expenditures to the approved budget as well as track weekly time for over 50 employees on the contract. In addition I recorded, compiled, and correlated the cost for items such as material, labor, travel, services, and maintenance in support of the Program Support Development Team. I ensured funding was provided for other direct costs(ODCs) for over 15 defense acquisition programs on our contract. I reviewed and maintained documents which tracked funding expenditures to ensure accurate invoicing and payment processing. Other duties and responsibilities were as follow: Assisted with a wide range of financial management responsibilities during the Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution(PPBE) process; program control, financial planning, revenue forecasting, analysis, multiple programs, multiple appropriations and coordination of tasks. Provided budget analysis and execution of assigned programs, appropriation execution analysis, trend analysis, metrics, tri-annual reviews and process improvement/efficiencies, assist with program reviews/budget reviews and assist with preparation of funding documents. Responsible for ensuring the company complies with proper accounting practices, internal controls, policies and procedures. Assisted with complex analysis of budgets and schedules needed to meet CPFF and T&M contractual/project requirements for assigned programs. Analyzed financial data to determine variance, revenue reconciliation and cost. Provided budget support for customer reimbursable, cost strategy and allocation methodology. Performed financial analysis, risk analysis and evaluations, development and application of analytical findings utilizing various financial management tools. Assisted Cost Accounting Team/Billing Team with fiscal year program set up and fiscal year program close out in PeopleSoft Financial System. Provided budget analysis and execution of assigned programs, appropriation execution analysis, trend analysis, assist with program reviews

Financial Analyst/business Analyst

Predictive Analytics Corporation
Financial Analyst/Business Analyst Provided financial analysis activities and tasks as a subcontractor in support of U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC), Office of Quantitative Research (OQR) contract. The objectives of this Task Order were to provide text analytics support for two high complexity projects that were conducted sequentially. Other tasks included the following: Provided analytical research for both 10-Ks and APPS marked-up corpus to OQR Subject Matter Experts(SMEs) and other contractors. Provided analysis support for both 10-Ks and APPs marked-up corpus. Assisted in assessing and recommending 10-K markup changes through the testing and validation process. Assisted in developing standard documentation for the10-K automated markup process.



University of North Carolina at Charlotte


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