Welcome to my online website containing my CV & various portfolios. Please browse through the following sections to hear all about my work experience, education and other aspects that define me. Please feel free to contact me to clarify any information or ask any questions. I look forward to hearing from you.

Work experience

Work experience

Smaller Earth-Camp Leaders

Sep 2013 - Sep 2015

National Team Member

Working for Smaller Earth and Camp Leaders has opened my eyes to the endless possibilities the world has to offer. Through my time working as part of the national team Iv learned how important structure and leadership is when it comes to being successful. Promoting the brand and learning the logistical side of the company was really interesting and helping applicants through the entire process was very rewarding. With the vision to inspire people to go further and being responsible for organizing your own interviews, along with promotional work and occasionally helping the guys in the office  gave me the opportunity to enhance my communication, organization and time management. I am currently on the 2015/16 National Team at Smaller Earth.

Camp Ozark (Summer Camp USA)

May 2012 - Aug 2015

Ropes & Program Director

Camp Ozark changed the direction of my entire life. Iv never before been given the opportunity to learn and grow in such an intensive and proactive environment. In my first summer I was an Instructor Specialist over soccer. I had to create and deliver quality classes that encouraged fun and involvement for all the campers. Organization, communication, initiative and work ethic were all key skills that aided a promotion to a Program Supervisor in the following summer. In this role I helped lead 20 other Instructor specialists and I had various other responsibilities such as travel preparation and staff evaluations that required good time management and composure. I was then promoted to Top Staff and Director of Camp Ozark’s giant ropes course. I trained and lead over 160 staff and overseen the entire program for three months. This was my greatest challenge because I identified a lot of issues within the ropes program. Due to my experience and knowledge in this industry I was able to come in and remodel and transform the ropes program to make it safer, more fun and more efficient. Last summer all my roles in the previous three years have been integrated. I myself have developed and have seen countless other staff from the camp leaders program excel and exceed all expectations in their area. 

Otterspool Adventure Centre

Nov 2012 - Aug 2015

Senior Instructor/Park Manager 

Once called Active Adventures back in 2012/13, Otterspool Adventure Center in Liverpool has been a great challenge for me to develop personally as an instructor and leader. I was put through training and assessment very fast and began as an assistant instructor. This lasted for about three days until my boss discovered how effective and efficient I was with groups, so I got promoted to park instructor. The next six months I worked around my university timetable to facilitate and lead various groups and organizations in a wide range of activities. Customer service was a key area that I developed in early on and I now focus on this as a fundamental element to success. I then progressed onto a senior instructor and I was responsible for the logistical and organization of all of the outdoor park staff. Then there was a huge switch in management and the whole company fell apart, I decided to stay and that is when I took on a management role. We pretty much started over with a new name and face to the company, rethink our operating procedures along with complying with certain safety standards and regulations. Though this experience I was able to implement the same ownership and positive change that I showed in America the previous summer. I completely came in and helped transform the company into a more professional and effective business.

Dennis Contracting

Sep 2010 - May 2012

Sales & Project Assistant

Dennis Contracting was a progression from Easy Grass NI because it required a wide range of specific skills that I learned through working in various trades  Building huge steel structures to brick laying and tiling, along with plumbing and electrical work, this job really was a ‘jack of all trades’ type of job.  It first required commitment and dedication when my boss came to pick me up at 5am each morning to make the most out of the day. Then came precision and excellence in both the small and big jobs I was responsible for, which resulted in performance under pressure.  I often found myself in mundane or repetitive tasks but this job taught me patience and it helped me focus on the task in hand whist strategically planning my next move to maximize efficiency and minimize expense. I was often left alone to work, which required trust and it gave me the opportunity to go above and beyond what was required of me. I believe I truly learned the importance of diligence in this role and it continues to stick with me today in my working environment.

Easy Grass NI

May 2007 - Sep 2010

Assistant Designer

Easy Grass NI is a landscape gardening and artificial grass company in Northern Ireland. In this job I was required to be flexible and creative in my role. I was often held accountable to deadlines, which meant my organization and communication skills where often put to the test. They primarily focused on transforming and creating unique environments, tailor made to the customers needs. In this job I often found myself working on big or small tasks that required major attention to detail and excellence throughout each process of the project. My responsibilities would range from manual labor to brainstorming creative and wacky designs for gardens, offices, football stadiums and many more strange places I found myself. I would often be left to do a job I didn’t know how to do with vague instructions and limited resources. This is where I learned the importance of initiative and I soon discovered how much I thrive when faced with a problem or challenge. I was privileged to be part of this creative team and I learned what success in business requires.



Liverpool John Moore's University

Sep 2013 - May 2015

Outdoor Education with Coaching Development     (Class 2, Division 1)

I am now a graduate of this course and I achieved a Degree or Bachelor of science with Honours in Outdoor Education. The experience and skills I have learned in the duration of this course have been extremely helpful and transferrable into any area of my life. The essence of teamwork and personal development through a good work ethic seemed to be the heartbeat of the course. Deadline after deadline both academic and practical this course improved my time management, communication, initiative, working mentality and relational skills. It pushed me to reach my full potential and it made me realise that anything is possible with the right attitude. The nature of the course gave me an appreciation of the world we live in today and it helped me gain a deeper understanding of the working world. It aided me with a critical and creative mind set that I will use in my future areas of work. Overall this higher education course helped me develop my professionalism, innovation and creativity and I will look to apply it to every future endeavour.  

Fivemiletown College 

Sep 2010 - Jun 2012


  • Physical Education - C
  • Design & Technology -B
  • ICT - C
  • Religious Studies - C

Lisnaskea High School

Sep 2005 - Jun 2010


  • Physical Education - A
  • Design & Technology - B
  • Religious Studies - B
  • Double Award Science - CC
  • Mathematics - C
  • English - C
  • Business Studies - C





This skill is essential for the success and effectiveness of an individual in any workplace. It is one of my strongest attributes and I pride myself on always being a good communicator. 

Time Management

Doing a full time university degree along with two part-time jobs was a real challenge when it came to time management. I excelled in every area due to my diligence and work ethic.


Organisation is key especially in managerial and leadership roles. To be organised means to have effective time management that can get the job done in the most effective and beneficial way possible. Again in comes with personality and with me my incomparable work ethic drives my organisation.


Now a days people give up to easy and this skill really pin points an indivudals values and moral worth. No is simply not an option, it just means that a different approach is needed and often a determination to get the job done is required if the business aims to move forward and progress. 


Flexibility and adaptability are essential in the working world. Things on paper often seem to take a detour before they reach their destination, thats why being adaptable is so important. I have adapted in every job I have undertaken to make my role more efficient and effective in my working environment. 

Personal Portfolio

Outdoor Experience



Outdoor First Aid

Sep 2013 - Sep 2016

Advanced First Aid in the Outdoors

This was a three day course that required other first aid experience. It was very difficult due to its advanced nature and structure. It was a fundamental part of my degree course in university and is still valid today. 

Mountain Leadership Awards

Sep 2013 - Sep 2015

Single Pitch Award

This is a professional certification that can only be obtained through many years of experience and relevant training. I have currently completed the training phase of this award and I am awaiting assessment later this year. This award is a prestigious climbing certification and when obtained it enables the individual to lead groups of climbers at any natural rock climbing venue in the UK. 

Mountain Leader Awards

Sep 2013 - Sep 2015

Mountain Leader

This is a professional certification that can only be obtained through many years of experience and relevant training. I have currently completed the training phase of this award and I am awaiting assessment later this year. This award is a prestigious mountianeering certification and when obtained it enables the individual to lead groups of hill walkers or hikers in any mountain region in the UK.


Apr 2015 - Sep 2015

International Child Protection Certificate

This is a child protection certificate that is valid across the world. It required an enhanced background and criminal check and it came back with no trace. It qualifies and grants me the ability to work with young children and vulnerable adults. 

Duke Of Edinburgh Award Scheme

Aug 2010 - Aug 2014

Gold Duke Of Edinburgh Award

This award was completed through a series of sections. Physical, Skill, Volunteering, Expedition and Residential. It was extremely difficult at the time and it encouraged me to open up my eyes to the endless possibilities and achievements you can obtain. It is a prestigious award that only the finest young individuals from the UK obtain and it is presented by a member of the royal family in St James Place in London. 

British Canoe Union

Sep 2013 - Apr 2014

2* Award + Foundation Safety & Rescue

This was an extensive paddle sports award that required a lot or practise and training prior to assessment. I completed the assessment in challenging conditions and was only 3 out of 20 people who were successful. This has equipped me to take a group out on flat water and teach them the fundamentals of kayaking.  


Sep 2013 - May 2013

World of Work Award (Bronze)

This certification highlights one core modules my university focused on during my course. It prepared and enhanced the skills needed in the working world. It gave me essential training in interviews, applications and creating CV's. This made me more professional and gave me an edge over other graduates.

Sports Leader UK

Sep 2010 - Aug 2012

Level 2 Community Sports Leader Award

This was a course that was carried out alongside my A-Level PE. I have to volunteer in local sports organisations and clubs and assist in the coaching of various sports to obtain the award. Approximately 200 hours of voluntary work were needed. This course gave me a vast array of experience across many sports and it enabled me to lead and teach various sports.

Lifesaving Courses UK

Sep 2010 - Jul 2012

Bronze Medallion Lifesaving Course

This was to certify me as a lifeguard at a swimming pool and I used this at my local college to work the occasional evening. This was a three month course that focused on first aid and lifesaving skills in water based activities.