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Work experience

Technical Director Assistant

Hampshire College

During campus events that would need technical support, such as concerts, dance performances, and screenings, I worked on setting up microphones and projectors, and assisted in setting audio levels and hanging lights. On some occasions when an event needed to be recorded I would run the studio and make sure all the levels were even when capturing sound.

Painting and Landscaping


I worked for a man named Michael Bodlovich who contracted landscaping, house painting and construction work around my hometown. I worked with him over three summers building decks, painting houses, leveling yards, creating gardens, regrading driveways and fencing property.

Sep 2010Present

Building Monitor

Hampshire College Music and Dance

My position required me to be responsible for the buildings containing the music practice spaces and recording studios as well as the dance studios. If students needed assistance reserving or using spaces I would help when needed and was expected to maintain the space and halt disturbances or destruction of the buildings.

Sep 2012Present

Director/Head Editor

Honey Toad Studio

I helped to form Honey Toad Studio, a small production company based out of Bainbridge Island, and have since been working with them to produce the web-series WRECKED, which has received critical acclaim and multiple awards for its first season. Through the studio I have also directed and edited music videos for local artists and created video accompaniment for Bhama Roget's one woman show, Hippiecrit.

WRECKED can be found at

May 2007Dec 2007


Bainbridge Bakers

I worked for six months as cashier and barista for Bainbridge Bakers. This position was a way for me to prove my "people skills" and get loads of cashier experience. Plus I can make darn good espresso drinks.

Mar 2006Aug 2006


Coyote Coffee

I served food and drinks in a small drive through cafe, usually working as the only server for the duration of my shift. I was praised as being one of the better barista's in the area and took pride in knowing that I had to be responsible for running the entire operation while I was working.


Aug 2008May 2012

Bachelor's in the Arts

Hampshire College

I graduated from Hampshire College after four years of study in Video Production, Music Studies and Film Theory. My thesis film was a twenty-two minute thriller with four characters attempting to escape after barricading themselves in a warehouse to keep out a monstrous horde. I acted as writer, director, producer and editor for the project, and screened it publicly in April of 2012.


I graduated from Hampshire College in 2012 after studying video production, editing, film theory and music studies, and I am eager to put my skills to professional use. I have since been directing and editing an award winning web-series and I have worked with outside clients to create music videos and video pieces to be used in theatre performance. I own both Final Cut Pro and AfterEffects, have access to Premiere in the studio where I work, and am well versed in the editing process as well as cinematography. I learn very quickly and would be interested in acquiring skills in new programs as well. Extensive work in customer service as a barista as well as some catering work has proven that I work well with customers or clients, and I work very well with others, especially when working on a common project.


My objective is to apply my current skills in a professional market while acquiring new skill sets and learning from those who are more knowledgable than myself.  I am looking for a position that will make it possible for me to continue the work I love.


I make really good coffee and espresso.
Lighting Design
I worked with a fellow student as Lighting Director for an original play, and I have experience hanging lights for concerts or other events. I have also used lights to create several artistic pieces where light is the medium, and I have experience lighting subjects and scenes for a camera.
Knowledge of Computers
Audio Editing
After Effects
Final Cut Pro


Joan Braderman

Joan acted as my advisor as I finished my time at Hampshire College, and I acted as TA for one of her video courses, setting up screenings, running projectors, and offering creative and technical assistance to students in and out of the classroom.

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