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Volunteer Opportunities* Lincoln Lighthouse, Feb. 2009-Present * Food Net, 2007-Present * TeamMates, 2007-Present * Friendship Home (Safe Quarters), 2008 * Food Bank of Lincoln, 2006-2007 * Community Blood Bank, 2006-2007 * People’s City Mission, 2006-2007 * SAIL Camp, Summer 2006 * The Ambassador, 2000-2001 * Good Neighbor Center, 1998-2005 * Matt Talbot Kitchen, 1998-2000 * Meals on Wheels, 1998-2000


Upon completion of the undergraduate program at UNL, I plan to either join the Peace Corps or I will attend graduate school in the field of business. Following that, I may pursue entrepreneurship or a doctorates degree.


Skills & Character Traits

Able to multitask, committed, creative, goal oriented, good communicator, organized, people person, persistent, problem-solver, self-motivated, team player

Language Skills


Spanish (5 years)

Computer Skills

Adobe Photoshop, C, CSS, Dreamweaver, Flash, HTML, JavaScript, Microsoft Office (2003&2007), Putty, WordPerfect Office, Windows Operating System

Additional Information

Top 5 strengths (Strengths Quest):

»Includer(Enjoy the challenge of making everyone feel involved, continuously working and interacting with people, bring outsiders in by recognizing their talents, volunteer to help with a cause or charity)

»Relater(Able to form close relationships with people and enjoy doing so, know many people and able to relate with them, also creates incredibly deep relationships, meaningful relationships are valued and most rewarding)

»Futuristic(Fascinated by the future, see the future positively, able to clearly see possibilities, able to overlook the pain and problems of today, help others anticipate and imagine their future)

»Adaptability(Able to deal with everything from injustices to crises and still find a way to make progress, enjoy the journey as much as the destination, help and encourage others to see what’s happening in the moment, has a talent for adjusting and changing circumstances)

»Self-Assurance (Confident about my ability to manage my life, able to “bounce back” from disappointments and crises, believe decisions are right and acknowledge my perspective is unique and distinct)


Obtain a high standard of education and undergo training for a career in marketing, management, or economics without compromising business ethics.

Work experience

Sep 2008Present

Lab Consultant

University of Nebraska - ITG

Assist users with Adobe Photoshop/Premiere, Microsoft Office, Final Cut Pro, along with various video, audio, and image equipment and software Check out video and still cameras, projectors, and other multimedia equipment to users Overlook and maintain various computer labs

Apr 2006Oct 2007

Lawn Care Provider

Hornby's Lawn Care
Oct 2006Feb 2007


Best Buy

Manage the front of the store, help customers through the line quickly and efficiently, handle and transfer money, clean and vacuum the workspace, restock the beverages and items for sale at the front of the store


Aug 2007Present


Harper Schramm Smith Residence Association - Senator, Intramural flag football, Bible Study, Navigators, Delta Sigma Pi - Communications Director, FBLA-Phi Beta Lambda - Membership Committee, Rotaract, Cornfed (Men's Ultimate Collegiate Team)


Excelled in communications and journalism courses
5 years of Spanish education
Technical writing (memos, letters, research/documentation)
Programming in C/Visual Basic
Adobe Suite, Microsoft Office, Windows/Mac, Final Cut Pro