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Thank you for considering me for a position at Milexa!

Welcome to my online CV. Please browse through the following sections and feel free to contact me to clarify any information or ask any questions. I look forward to hearing from you soon and thanks for the opportunity!


Find out what makes me tick and why you should consider me at Milexa.

Present Work

Feb 2016Present

Sales & Marketing Executive - Kiwi Project Lead

Smaller Earth UK

Within this role I have the opportunity to lead the way forward for this exciting program. I cover a wide range of responsibilities and am passionate about growing this program in New Zealand.

  • Responsibilities
    • Sales, Marketing & Retention Strategies
    • Sharp Customer Service
    • Job Placement & Employer Relations 
    • Website Content & Social Media
    • 3rd Party & Email Campaigns 
    • Performance Analysis Reports
    • Insurance & Flights

Since taking the lead on this program I have grown the department by 169% through my ambitious and driven sales and marketing approach.

The program now holds the new global record across all of our 16 country offices for the fastest growth within a program.

Achievement - Staff Member of the Year 2016

Pleas see Graph below as supporting evidence...

Kiwi Project Marketing Growth

Registrations from 2016 (Grey) to 2017 (Blue) - 125% Increase

Kiwi Project Sales Growth

Sales from 2016 (Grey) to 2017 (Blue) - 169% Increase

Work History

Oct 2015Aug 2016

Advisor & Team Captain

Camp Leaders

In this role I mainly focused on customer service and sales development. I also had the opportunity to enhance my marketing skills through various campaigns and events. In the summer I helped develop a new sales and marketing strategy along with training/managing a team that set the foundation for success this season.

  • Responsibilities: general customer service, sales, marketing, events publicity, retention strategy and insurance.
May 2014Aug 2015

Program Director

Camp Ozark

Camp Ozark changed the direction of my life by providing a unique opportunity to progress in a proactive environment.  

  • 2012 - Instructor Specialist  
    • Responsibilities: creating and delivering high quality classes that encouraged fun and inclusivity.   
      • Key skills: organisation, communication, initiative and work ethic.
  • 2013 - Program Supervisor
    • Responsibilities: leading 30 Instructor specialists, travel preparation, staff evaluation and appraisal.
      • Key skills: excellent time management and composure.
  • 2014  - Top Staff (Management)
    • Responsibilities: training, leading and managing over 80 staff
      • Key skills: people management, organisation and integrity
  • 2015 Promotion to Program Director 
    • Responsibilities: training and leading 160 staff, overseeing the ropes programme and managing safety and welfare
      • Key skills: project management, identifying issues, remodelling and transforming the programme resulting in improved safety, efficiency and camper enjoyment.  
Sep 2013Sep 2015

Marketing & Interview Consultant

Camp Leaders

  • Responsibilities: national promotion of the brand, guiding candidates through application process, interviewing in excess of 200 applicants, compiling reports for management. 

  • Key skills: vision, inspiring others, administration, organisational and communication skills.
Nov 2012Aug 2015

Park Manager

Otterspool Adventure Centre

Role: Senior Park Instructor (alongside full time study at University)

  • Responsibilities:
    • Leading a variety of age groups and abilities (including parties, corporate events and individuals with additional needs) in a range of activities - high ropes, climbing, abseiling, assault courses and team building exercises. 
    • Day to day centre and staff management.
    • Company branding, updating operational procedures.
    • Implementation and compliance with health and safety standards.
    • Liaising with marketing team and approving marketing materials and strategies.
  • Key skills: customer service, business acuity, initiative, problem solving.
Sep 2010May 2012

Sales & Project Assistant 

Dennis Contracting

  • Responsibilities: building steel structures, brick laying, tiling, plumbing, electrical work.
  • Key skills: commitment, dedication, discipline, precision, patience, quality workmanship, work ethic, diligence, integrity, working under pressure and to a deadline.
May 2007Sep 2010

Assistant Designer

Easy Grass, Northern Ireland

  • Responsibilities: landscape gardening, bespoke customer design through to implementation.
  • Key skills: creativity, flexibility, time management to meet deadlines, resourceful, fast thinking, autonomy, communication, bespoke design, responsibility, attention to detail, problem solving, business acumen.



Nowadays people give up all too easily and this skill really pin points an individuals drive. No is simply not an option, it just means that a different approach is needed and often a determination to get the job done is required if the business aims to move forward and progress. 


This is an attribute that many people desire but few really have. Innovation = Imagination + Collaboration. Being a visionary and having a creative flare really equip me in any marketing and sales role. 


This skill is essential for the success and effectiveness of any individual in their workplace. It is one of my strongest attributes and I pride myself on always being a good communicator. 

Time Management

Doing a full time university degree along with two part-time jobs was a real challenge when it came to time management. I excelled in every area due to my diligence and work ethic.


Flexibility and adaptability are essential in the working world. Things on paper often seem to take a detour before they reach their destination, thats why being adaptable is so important. I have adapted in every job I have undertaken to make my role more efficient and effective.

Education & Training


Adobe Creative Suite

In-House Training

At Liverpool One Church we are big on media! We love all things creative and recently I have started training with the creative director in various applications within the adobe creative suite. This is next level graphic design, video editing, image enhancements and website development.

Sep 2016Present

Website Development

Website Maintenance & Content Training

Cleaversteam is part of the Smaller Earth Group. They run and maintain all of our websites as a company and train selected Team Captain's on how to maintain and update the website content through a platform called Forestpage.

Through this intensive development training I have learned the fundamental skills required to maintain and update the front end of our website. This season in the company I carried our various updates that improved our image, customer service and professionalism. 

June 2016Aug 2016

Communication & Sales Development

Internal Training I Delivered

During the Summer of 2016 I trained and developed my own team in communication and sales. I came up with a sales and marketing strategy that was the foundation for the most successful season to date. I learned the importance in collaboration and team work, which helped achieve and exceed all expectations.

Sept 2013Sep 2015

Marketing & Interview Training

Camp Leaders National Team

This training was delivered by Camp Leaders to help prepare and equip each of us for our marketing role. Promotion and setting up key events through various partners and contacts was essential for the success and growth of the program. I also learned the key skills required to interview individuals for potential red flags to help safe guard against vulnerable children.

Sep 2013May 2015

Liverpool John Moore's University

Outdoor Education with Coaching Development     (Class 2, Division 1)

I am now a graduate of this course and I achieved a Degree or Bachelor of science with Honours in Outdoor Education. The experience and skills I have learned in the duration of this course have been extremely helpful and transferrable into any area of my life. The essence of teamwork and personal development through a good work ethic seemed to be the heartbeat of the course.

Deadline after deadline both academic and practical this course improved my time management, communication, initiative, working mentality and relational skills. It pushed me to reach my full potential and it made me realise that anything is possible with the right attitude.

The nature of the course gave me an appreciation of the world we live in today and it helped me gain a deeper understanding of the working world. It aided me with a critical and creative mind set that I will use in my future areas of work. Overall this higher education course helped me develop my professionalism, innovation and creativity and I will look to apply it to every future endeavour.  

Volunteer Experience

Aug 2016Present

Youth Pastor (Ages 16-25)

Liverpool One Church - YA

Young Adults is a department of Liverpool One Church and is designed specifically for young people and students aged between 16 – 25.  I lead and oversee this ministry alongside my wife.

Responsibilities: manage a team of volunteers, delivering talks, organising events, marketing and promotion, networking with youth pastors nationally, managing a budget.


Sep 2015Aug 2016

Life Group Leader

Liverpool One Church

Life groups are small bible based discussion groups. As a life group leader I often gave appropriate council and advise when needed. I had to be prepared with good content to share with the group and I also needed to be ready to attempt to answer any of their questions.

Sep 2012Present

Impact Team

Liverpool One Church

Otherwise known as the Welcome Team it is our responsibility to help create an environment that makes people comfortable and part of the family. From car park to making tea's/coffee's, no job is too small because we are all working together to make people feel welcome and accepted. 


These Achievements are milestones in my life. I have worked hard and have beaten the odds on many occasions to exceed expectations.

  • Smaller Earth Employee of the Year 2015/16
  • Graduated University 2015 with BSc 2:1 with Hons 
  • Gold Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award 2015
  • Instructor Specialist of the Year 2012
  • MVP International Player 2012


Dec 2016Present

British Youth Travel Awards (BETA)

Customer Service Award

The British Educational Travel Association presented Smaller Earth with this award down in London in December. This honour and privilege to represent the company was a reward for achieving the employee of the year 2016.

Jan 2015Present

Duke Of Edinburgh Award Scheme

Gold Duke Of Edinburgh Award

This award was completed through a series of sections. Physical, Skill, Volunteering, Expedition and Residential. It was extremely difficult at the time and it encouraged me to open up my eyes to the endless possibilities and achievements you can obtain. It is a prestigious award that only the finest young individuals from the UK obtain and it is presented by a member of the royal family in St James Place in London.