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I am a hard worker, and a dedicated leader in my community.Though I have a largely analytical mind, I also approach problems with a think outside of the box attitude. I love learning hands on, and building things for fun. I love art and I make a lot of it. For me making websites and other electronic pages is fun and easy to do. Being with my family and my friends has always been a great help for me. My favorite class is computer science, and then biology. Both classes are very entertaining, and I learn a lot of useful things.


Aug 2015Present

Damonte Ranch Highschool



Depoali Middleschool

8th Grader



Being able to have people follow my lead in 

Public Speaking 

I have done many public speaking engagements.

Website  Design 

I have made several websites. 


I have been the manager of several projects. And a YouTube channel.


I learned the basics of coding using Microsoft Touch Develop, and a little bit of Python.

extra curricular activities.

I have many extracurricular activities. Some of them include Snowboarding, Skiing, Reading, Gaming, working on my YouTube channel, visiting with friends/girlfriend, coding, golf, parkour/freerunning, band at school,L being with my family, and going to "work" at the pawnshop in Fernley Nv. Also going to work with my mom at her political events and sitting on the legislative floor with her and the senate members, and going to her speaking engagements to hear how she helps businesses to fix their marketing.


Brian Sandoval 

Joe Dufur 

Matt Rhodes 

Leland Anderson 

Stan Dillon 

Jim Gibbons 

Jason Shipp

Edgar Tapia-Chavez Jr.

Hillary Schieve

Don Gustavson 

Jim Wheeler 

College degrees.

For college I wish to get an MBA focused in Finance, and a Masters in Microelectronic engineering. The reason for two lofty degrees is my largest goal in life that I have is to build a multi-billion dollar company based off of an invention that I have. The MBA focused in finance is for the Owner part of the company and the microelectronic engineering is for the invention. To get these degrees it will take about eight more years of college to get both. Then after college I will need to get a job 

Work experience

Supervisor of simulators

Alex Avation

I supervise people as they use the flight simulators, as well as teach them how to fly a drone.


Paid intern

Jenson Precast Corporate

At Jenson I work for the CFO and the CTO so that they can train me in the fields of finance and engineering.