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Nathan Schafer

Position Applied For: Student Academic Assistant

Work experience

Dec 2013Feb 2017

Basketball Guard

Castlewood High School Sports

I started playing High School basketball in 2013, and  will continue to play until my senior year ends in 2017. I've always been short, so that's why I played either guard position: point guard and shooting guard. Basketball has been very fun for me.

Jun 2014Aug 2014

Mowing Lawns: Summer Job

Hunter Residence

I started this in the summer of 2014 in the month of June. Every week, I was to mow this lot once. I did this job until school started in 2014 which was August. I enjoy mowing which was why I did the job.

Aug 2013Sep 2013

Youth Group

Presbyterian Church

This was a youth group I attended after school in the months of August and September in 2013. Many of my friends and I were involved in this youth group. We walked to the church after school and had lots of fun during youth group. We learned about God, manners, and we also played games.


Aug 2013May 2017

High School Diploma (Anticipated: 05/2017)

Castlewood High School, 


Coursework: Geometry, Biology, Geography, English Comp I-II, and Spanish I-II

Future Coursework (2015-2017): Algebra II, Chemistry, World War II, and Physics 


This is a skill that can affect a student very easily if not able to be kept. Keeping your composure is something that comes naturally to me. I do not "blow up" on kids if they have caused me to be angry. I, on a daily basis, have a very positive attitude and this will never change. I am a good role model, and I want to be able to influence these students in a positive way.
Organizational Skills
I am very neat and organized in academics as well as outside of school. I have many filing cabinets that I keep lots of important papers and in school, I make sure to put all of my work into folders or binders so they are kept safe for when I may need to use them. I don't hardly ever lose any homework or turn in an assignment late. This may happen maybe once a year, but there may be a time when you can't remember where you placed something. It happens to everyone. This skill will allow me to make sure that students are not losing anything important that they will need.
Hard Work
I am a very hard worker when it comes to academics.I believe it's very important to work hard hard because your grades can determine your future. Being an academic assistant requires hard work because times will be tough when trying to teach a student information. My GPA clearly shows that I am a hard worker because just slack in school and still manage to average As and Bs as grades.
Teamwork is a vital skill for this job because as described, the academic assistant has to work with other kids to help them with any troubles they are having in school. If you don't work well with a certain student, they are not going to be able to be helped. A good relationship needs to develop between the assistant and the students; I would be able to do this if I were to get this job.
Study Skills
This skill ties along with hard work. I am very good at studying and getting my work done on time, but also done neatly and with logic and my knowledge. This skill helps tremendously because tests and exams are most likely worth the most amount of points and doing bad on any test can make your drop quite a bit. I provide this skill that can help improve these students' test scores. 



Nichole Hendricksen, Math Teacher,               Castlewood HS

 310 East Harry Street, Castlewood SD, 57223                                                                                         (507)-227-0691                                                                                                                                                     [email protected]

Kyle Kooima,                 Science Teacher,       Castlewood HS

310 East Harry Street, Castlewood SD, 57223                                                                                      (605)-884-6303                                                                                                                                                    [email protected]

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