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Looking for employment in the IT field working with computers and Microsoft Office.

Work experience

Recycling Sorter

Kahut Recycling Co.
Aug 2014Nov 2014

Sort trash from recyclables, separate aluminum from plastic, metals, and paper.

Dishwasher/ Grill boy/ Food Prep

Burger King
Jul 2013Sep 2013

Wash dishes, grill patties, toast bread, refill freezers, throw trash, prep vegetables, help prepare burgers.

Job Lead/Computer Refurbisher/Videographer

Portland YouthBuilders - YouthMedia
Apr 2011Apr 2012

Create commercials, PSA's, refurbish computers for non-profit organizations, and build computers for students.

Stocker (Graveyard)

WinCo Foods Inc.
Nov 2009Nov 2010

Stock shelves, organize coolers and freezers, help out in grocery backroom and prepare for shelves.


Computer Technology

Portland YouthBuilders
Apr 2011Apr 2012

YouthMedia - Graphic/Logo design, MOS Certified, Photo/Audio/Video editing, Computer Refurbishing. G.E.D.