Work History

Work History
Jun 2015 - Present

Human Resources; Talent Acquisition Student Intern

Verizon Wireless

Key Skills Attained: Learned how to maximize and maintain performance and quality of work while multitasking. Increased my skills of effective utilization of time for tasking, goals, and objectives. Increased teamwork skills in the recruiting environment. Discovered that a team works better than an individual under most, if not all, circumstances.

Responsible for finding and interviewing applicants for various positions at Verizon Wireless, by means of organizing and hosting career and job fairs, as well as online sourcing though sites such as The internship is a position with a focus specifically on military and veterans.

  • Strong Multi-tasking capabilities during interview processes and follow-ups.
  • MS Office Suite proficiency
  • Excellent oral communication skills
  • Excellent organizational skills. 
Jan 2011 - Jan 2015

Enlisted; E-05; Machinist's Mate/Reaction Force Watch Commander (Naval Security Supervisor)

United States Navy

Key Skills Attained: Learned how to effectively manage a team by broadening my skills and knowledge of organization, time management, critical thinking and problem solving, stress management, and always being prepared for the unexpected.

  • Responsible for daily operations of counter-terrorism, anti-terrorism, and threat detection/deterrence.
  • Leader to over 40 personnel in carrying out force protection operations.
  • Assessed readiness of team and deployed as necessary.
  • Fast paced, constantly engaged and vigilant.
  • Strong analytical skills.
  • Strong critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Nov 2008 - Nov 2010

Retail Sales Consultant

AT&T Mobility

Key Skills Attained: Learned how to communicate with people, primarily mastering my listening skills, in order to provide a valuable solution to their cell phone and technology needs. Also learned how to work with a team to achieve goals as a group, rather than focusing only on personal metrics.

Began working for AT&T as a temporary employee through Kelly Services and hired on as a permanent employee at the conclusion of the temporary position. Consistently remained positive and motivated in a high stress environment, while providing excellent customer service and solutions to consumer need for wireless technology, resulting in several repeat customers and referrals.

  • Hired as permanent employee after temporary position expired and received four week sales training course in Dallas, TX Corporate Offices.
  • Consistently exceeded minimum sales quotas and received commission multipliers.
  • Excellent customer service
  • Positive, motivated, and high energy.


Jan 2015 - Jan 2019

B.A. of Design and the Arts, Industrial Design

Arizona State University

Industrial Design specializes in product design. I am attaining this degree as an avenue to automotive design.


Aug 2012

Reaction Force Team Leader

Captain - United States Secretary of the Navy
  • Included hands on training for  tactical movements, appropriate collapsible baton deployment and techniques, pre-planned responses, room breaching and clearing, waterborne security responses, use of force, use of oleoresin capsicum, reaction force team management, crew served weapons employment, search and inspection, and anti-terrorism planning and management.
  • Course concluded with an assessment of obtained knowledge in a real time scenario under live fire with simulation rounds. Required to react to multiple scenarios, organize team, and respond.
Mar 2012

Level 1 Contamination Oleoresin Capsicum

Captain - United States Secretary of the Navy
  • Includes fight through drills, handcuffing techniques, use of verbal commands, and the use of mechanical advantage control holds to apprehend a suspect after direct or indirect, accidental or residual exposure to oleoresin capsium (OC Spray).