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Work experience

Apr 2012Present

Transportation and Customer Service Associate

Casey's General Store

Displayed courtesy and strong interpersonal skills with all customer interactions.  

Maintained composure and patience in the face of difficult customer situations. 

Provided thorough support and problem resolution for customers.

Resolved any situation within my power in an expedient and professional manner.

Jul 2009Apr 2012

Transportation Operations Maintenance Professional

Shawnee County Streets Department

Worked with a variety of mechanical devices to assure that the street repairing professionals could work at an optimal level.

Communicated with the public in regards to street and lane closures.  Many times while the public was irate. 


Aug 2011Present

Associate of Applied Science (In Progress)

Johnson County Community College

I entered Johnson County Community College with the intend of earning an Associated of Applied Science while studying video game design.  After three semesters, I changed my career from video game design to Information Technology due to the growing field.  

Aug 2003Dec 2004


Washburn University

I attended Washburn University immediately following high school.  I learned a great deal about my self.  Largely, that I was unprepared for college immediately after high school.

Aug 1999May 2003

High School Diploma

Silver Lake High School

A normal high school diploma at an excellent high school.  I learned a great deal during my formative years both in school and playing sports.


Exceptional Telephone and Personal Communication Skills
Communication need not be a chore. I find it makes a job significantly easier when you lay out whatever steps you can to the individual affected. Not only, does it assure the individual that you have a plan and know what you are doing, but it keeps you focused on the task at hand.
Patient and Diligent
Literally, my entire adult life I have been assisting both consumers and coworkers in whatever capacity I could. Fast paced fields where fiery personalities would often come and where I learned to keep calm and make rational decisions that resolved as many problems as had arisen.
MS Office Proficiency
I have used Microsoft Office utilities nearly every day as an IT student. I have extensive experience in this field.
Customer Need Assessment
The first part of service . . . is being able to diagnose a problem. The SECOND part though, is being able to recognize what needs to happen in order for this problem to be alleviated. I am more than capable of performing this task.
Strong Analytical Skills
Analyzing a situation if always the initial step in solving a problem. I am very confident in my ability to do this as that is something they put great emphasis on at JCCC.


Gerald Hall Sr. 913-486-9719 Before 6 PM 913-422-7692 after 6 PM

Anthony Lawrence 816-277-5744

Charles J. Kranz Jr. 785-608-5715

Jonathan Watkins 785-608-0863