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Summary Statement

"What we leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others" - Pericles

I am a tenured and ambitious sales professional with a fourteen-year record of achievement in the development and execution of strategic sales and marketing initiatives to drive growth in dynamic environments. 

A Career in Telecom


Retail Store Manager

Prime Communications L.P.

Recognized with top honors nationally for excellence in leadership.

  • #1 Ranked Location 12 of 12 months - Prime Pinnacle - 2017.

Selected Contributions:

  • Firstnet Mentorship with Firstnet Program Execution Specialist 
  • Prime Pinnacle 2017 - Winner, #1 ranked Store Manager nationally of 660+
  • Prime Pinnacle 2016 - Finalist 11th ranked Store Manager nationally of 600+
  • Partner to "Team Integrate". Creating numerous training courses, marketing initiatives, retention practices and sales strategies. 
  • Selected as training location for Prime's ACC (Connected Communities) account managers.
  • 164% Growth YoY 2017 - Commerce - 5 former RSC's promoted to management
  • 143% Growth YoY 2016 - Flowery Branch - 2 RSC's promoted to management

General Manager 

AT&T Connected Communities - Prime Communications

General Manager of AT&T Connected Communities for Prime Communications L.P with daily accountability to the channel director.

  • Successfully developed and deployed a fully integrated solution process during the ACC Wireless Integration trials Q1 of 2018 to Prime Connected Communities sales partners nationwide.
  • Honored to represent AT&T's Connected Communities Fiber services and solutions to MDU's within the Carolina ACC Module.
  • Conducted a company first in-home wireless presentation. Successfully closing 21 voice gross adds, 14 fleet complete solutions and three HSIA/IPTV services.
  • Worked in partnership with Jannie Summey (js295h) of IHX and Brett Driver (bd7003) of ATT2U, to collaborate and combine resources in order to maximize on events. 

District Sales Manager

Cellular Sales - Verizon Wireless

Recruitment, development, sales and operational accountability for a team of 24 sales and support staff. Locations in my district included; Hamilton Mill, Athens, Loganville, Oakwood, Stone Mountain and Browns Bridge. 

  • Monthly Shrinkage <$36 / Door
  • 10.6% Employee Churn over 4 years
  • Growth of sub-dealer from 5 to 6 doors 

Retail Sales and Leadership

Various Indirect and COR locations
  • 2004 Leadership Excellence #1 in Market - Hamilton Mill
  • 2005 Leadership Excellence #1 in Market - Shawnee Ridge
  • 2006 Leadership Excellence #1 in Market - Abbots Bridge
  • COR retail sales team lead for the opening of the first Experience store in Georgia at the Mall of Georgia location.

Leadership Philosophy


Philosophy on Driving Performance

We have to run a successful business at our current level of influence to show that we are capable of more responsibility, this means we must invest our time coaching the fundamentals and developing our people to maximize on what we already have. The best way to do this is to lead by example professionally and personally and hold direct reports accountable to those standards and be consistent. 

Image Awareness

Philosophy on Image

What image do your store leaders portray of themselves and of the business? What do people think of them when their names come up? Performance is only half the battle. Always conduct yourself with integrity, and with the best interest of our people in mind. Ask yourself each day, in what ways do you support your followers as well as your leaders, outside of the daily requirements of your role?


Philosophy on Engagement

We cannot have an image if no one has the opportunity to see us. Being engaged with peers and leaders, the district and region is a big piece of making a name for one's self. Visibility to the business on all levels is vital for individual image and performance to be seen, just as the engagement of our stores within their community and through social media is vital to the future growth of a modern business.

Miscellaneous Benefits and Contributions

  •  Experience in Retail field leadership, AT&T Connected Communities, Firstnet and ARBA sales cycles, CRM and funnel management practices.
  • In-home sales and presentation experience.
  • Personal sales funnel, cold call and prospecting lists. 
  • Multiple MDU property loyalties & relationships for Wired solutions.
  • Relationships with various ACC, AT&T2U, Fiber Business and IHX team members. 
  • Marketing and advertising usage and standards: Brandcenter, Ad Builder, Photo Library, Email on Demand, DirecTV LoL Assets and Tools.
  • Premium Recruiter and/or business accounts on most major online job sites; indeed, monster, linked in, etc.
  • Experience in automation, IOT, Enterprise application solutions, integrations, and smart home technologies. 



BSEE Equivalent

Georgia Institute of Technology

Electrical Engineering, Linear Systems Theory. 

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers - IEEE #94976470


H.S. Diploma - Magna Cum Laude -  

Dacula High School