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Nathan C. Carter

Security and Assistant Facilities Hope Church


I am interested in applying for the position of Tech Director at Hope Church.  At present I consider myself already doing much of what this position will encompass.  I do not have official training in this capacity but have gain knowledge in the area of technology by experience and self taught.  Even as a child I was interested in how things worked as a whole and how to fix problems as they arose.  I have successfully put together audio systems for cars, homes, and stage / professional.  I have worked with video editing such as Nero and Adobe, putting together and running video for productions.  Have knowledge of stage lighting to include setting up and running lights under DMX control.  I have built a few computers and replaced hardware to include hard drives, however I do not consider myself as capable in this area like I am in the audio/video/ lighting side of the tech that is used in an environment such as Hope Church.

Work experience

Apr 2011Present

Security and Assistance Facilities 

Hope Church Grand Forks

Maintain facility, provide security for after business hour meetings and gatherings.  Tech support since the departure of previous Tech Director.  Also provided tech support since starting in the position of security.

Jun 2002Feb 2010

Registered Nurse

Altru Health System

Charge Nurse and Patient care in the SCCU, ICU EOD and Interventional Radiology.  Organizing patient care during and post hospital.  Worked as a nurse mentor and in this role was responsible to train new nursing staff to technology used in patient care. Trained nursing staff in classroom setting on how to provide emergency life saving skills.

Sep 1999Jun 2002

Registered Nurse

Northwood Deaconess Health Center

Patient care and charge nurse in hospital and Alzheimer care unit.  Along with patient care and safety I trained nurses and nursing assistance's in skills used everyday in care.

Jun 1997Aug 2000

Custom Cabinet Builder

Wood Products

Built cabinets, counter tops, doors and custom trim as per customers specifications.  Also did a lot of one piece display items.  Worked with customers in each step to ensure proper fit and function.  Would often go to the customer location to advise on what products and services we could provide.

Mar 1994Dec 1994


St Johns Health Center Springfield MO

Provide timely and effectively emergency health care in a changing environment.   Used some of the newest and best technology in order to provide the care needed to keep pt alive and safe pre hospital.


Sep 1997May 2001


University of North Dakota Grand Forks

Bachelor of Science Nursing and 3 Credits short of a Psychology minor.  

Aug 1994Jun 1995

General Undergrad 

Briar Cliff College, Sioux City SD

Science studies to include Normal and Abnormal Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Microbiology, Physiology. 

Aug 1993Feb 1994


St Johns school of Paramedic Springfield MO

Paramedic school with clinical hours in Springfield MO and Kansas City MO

Sep 1987Jun 1990

Generals, Zoology


Freshman generals, chemistry, physiology, genetics, 

Interests and Hobbies

Time spent away from work I enjoy several different actives.  I enjoy riding motorcycle and use this to provide witness to God.  As part of the CMA I spend a lot of time riding and meeting with non Christian motorcyclists.  I also enjoy playing guitar, Along with playing I also do guitar repairs for a local music shop.  Repairs include repair to the structural wood and electronic components.  Winter time includes snowboarding, but this has been slowed down by back pain at times.  I enjoy reading tech manuals on auto, motorcycle, audio, and musical gear.

Who I am

In this section I want to give you a short understanding who I am and how I got to the point of applying for the Tech Director position.

     I was born and raised in a small town in central Minnesota.  Raised by my mother who was a single parent.  I was brought up understanding that everyone had worth no matter what position they hold in life.  We were taught that we needed to work hard and our abilities to there best.

     I held a job from the time I was 14.  Most of my high school years I worked in the local nursing home.  After high school I joined the US ARMY and spent four years working with nuclear weapons.  Post military I started college, worked at a hospital in Fargo and met my wife Susan there at the hospital.

    Sue and I were married in Fargo ND and shortly after Sue graduated from college.  We moved due to a job Sue took.  Our first move was to Virginia Minnesota, then Springfield MO, Sioux City IA and eventually to Grand Forks ND in 1996.  We have three children each born in a different state.  Our last move was to a house outside of Thompson ND in 1997.

     I have worked in several different jobs.  I have worked in auto body repair, mechanic, framing, concrete, paramedic and registered nurse.  I have worked in many different sectors of the work force and learned many different skill sets.

     The reason I am currently not working in nursing is one that nursing caused.  I have been struggling with constant back pain to severe back pain for several years.  The cause of the pain is a deterioration of three disc that are now compressing nerves due to repetitive type of injury caused by lifting and moving patients.  About every 6 months I have theses nerves cut with a needle ablation, however the nerves grow back and the pain starts again.  I have enjoyed the ability to work here at Hope as it gives me the ability to rearrange work that may cause pain till i can do it at a later time.  Some things must be done and I will do them even if the pain is great.  

    As I have said to people who ask if I was going to apply for this opening," I have nothing to put on this application that states I can do this job".  The only thing I can say is this is an area that has interested me since junior and high school.  From that age I was buying and figuring out how to use audio video equipment.  I grew up in the age when the personal computer evolved and was always reading and reviewing specifications on the new technology as it came to market.  I have played in several bands that had to do their own set up with equipment with what we could afford at the time.  This makes you resourceful at times to provide a show at a cost that was affordable.  The only evidence that I can do this job is the fact I have been doing it since the previous tech director moved to a different job and for years that I was in a band.

     This opportunity is far more than just a job to me.  I am a member of the Christian Motorcycle Association,  an organization that is about spreading the word of God.  I may have a job description but my real job is the one God has tasked me with.  We have no greater job than efficiently and effectively deliver the word of God.  I see this as a great opportunity to merge technology and a mission. 

    I see technology here at Hope in that works well and other things that could be done better.  I don't believe that everything must change.  As Hope changes in size and mission so must the technology.  This doesn't mean just spend money on the newest and greatest but use what we have to the best of our ability.   

     Thank you for taking the time to consider my application.  

Nathan C. Carter