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Direct Mail
Advanced postal presort and mail preparation. I've analyzed the DMM, DM-109 and made arguments worth thousands of dollars.
Onsite, offsite, hypothetical and theoretical. I love SEO.

Work experience


Durango Marketing

I am a local marketing consultant serving the Four Corners area. I greatly prefer working with local clients, especially those that can use a real boost in their digital marketing efforts. I prefer to take on projects that will leave a lifelong impact. Such services include implementation of SaaS marketing solutions, web development and SEO.

I prefer fulfilling these services, rather than ongoing direct marketing campaigns. However, I am always interested n discussing marketing needs. Here are my specialties:

CMS Development - I only work in CMS systems, such as WordPress (preferred). I've worked with many CMs systems, SocialEngine being the most exotic. CMS development allows for more robust websites deployed faster than coding something from the ground up. It enables me to offer better rates and quicker project completion.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - I perform all aspects of onsite SEO. I will offer some offsite services, but I'm incredibly picky about what offsite tasks I will personally perform. I do have several great content marketing solutions lined up and I source offsite work.

Email Marketing - I've partnered with several email service providers that I consider "leading the pack" as far as mainstream email marketing platforms are concerned. If you want something more robust, we can talk marketing automation suites, but be prepared to spend some real money, as these solutions aren't cheap.

Social Media Automation - I do not do social media monitoring and/or reputation management. This is something that I *NEVER* want to do, so please don't ask. I do however, implement various social media channels and specialize in social media automation.