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Work experience


Field Marketing Technical Specialist

Nokia Tech
  • Led equipment setup, on-site tech support, demonstration, and packing/shipping efforts for various global trade shows/conferences in support of the Nokia OZO VR camera/SW suite.

  • Owned, managed, and maintained a comprehensive inventory system for equipment located across several departments globally.

  • Performed tests/updates/maintenance on all devices used for events (Windows, O/S X, Android).

  • Composed/published several technical procedural documents for various processes commonly used by event staff, internal employees, and clients.


Technical Support / Customer Service Representative

Lone Peak Labeling Systems
  • Provided on-site/phone support for all components of the Lone Peak Labeler System. (Touchscreen monitor, various models of printers, scales, etc.)

  • Interfaced as the primary contact for 100+ clients in various roles (from CEO/Owner to Clerk) on a daily basis, covering ~60-80% of the overall tech support workload.

  • Installed 100+ labeling machine systems and trained all employees for over 50 major companies.


Quality Assurance Engineer

Dolby Laboratories
  • Drove multiple versions of the Dolby Media Producer Suite (DMPS) software from PRD to GA as the project's QA Lead and sole tester. Suite contained 7 apps, which were tested in parallel.

  • Personally visited and interfaced with several top clients at major movie studios to demonstrate/promote/provide support for the DMPS product.

  • Proved that a more optimal/efficient algorithm for a specific app could be achieved, and successfully drove its resulting implementation.

  • Generated the first ever documented mastertestplan/testsuites/test cases for DMPS, and composed additional test sets/cases for other projects as well.

  • Always provided first pass when collaborating with product/project managers, SW developers, marketing, and tech writers to peer edit product manuals/documentation on a frequent basis amidst regular testing duties.

  • Consistently performed full regressions and subsequent bug regressions for black box functionality, audio quality, performance,and stress testing using both Agile PLM and Scrum methodologies.

  • Regularly received recognition and rewards from project managers, engineers, and the QA department for providing highly effective, top-quality work while being held accountable for balancing a heavy workload against increasingly aggressive schedules/deadlines.

  • Trained a remote QA Engineer in Poland on DMPS and Dolby Broadcast Tools via video conferencing and e-mail.

  • Directly interacted with in-house, third party, international, and global developers/engineers on a daily basis to further understand the overall system architecture and ensure efficiency in test process/issue resolution.

  • Provided internal support/installations, training, and demos of DMPS for other Dolby employees.


FOH/Stage Monitoring Engineer

Eli's Mile High Club
  • Performed front-of-house and stage monitoring mixes for several acts per show.

  • Interfaced with all acts to provide/maintain each evening's schedule and other logistics.

  • Repaired/replaced house equipment as needed.


Lead Scanning Technician

Bay Photo Lab
  • Supervised the digital film scanning department consisting of 2 other employees.

  • Second in charge of packaging/presentation for all school district/little league portfolios.

  • Digitally scanned and cropped/imported images into print templates, edited print templates, and performed minor color correction.

  • Performed binding for books/calendars and various other packaging services.


FOH Engineer, Deck Sound Engineer

Cabrillo Stage (West Side Story, The Music Man)
  • Successfully and efficiently performed live mixing/monitoring/repair of 32 wireless microphones for over 30 performances.

  • Taught proper usage and safety precautions of lavalier microphones to cast members.

  • Provided assistance with sound design/theater configuration.


SQA Technician

Creative Labs Advanced Technology Center
  • Contributed tremendously to push several iterations of the Sound Blaster sound card series through to release.

  • Simultaneously performed black box functionality, audio quality, performance, stress/load, regression, and WHQL testing in parallel on up to 15 systems on a daily basis.

  • Executed numerous test sets against daily audio driver builds, software features, developer tools, firmware, hardware, and plug-ins for PCI/USB sound cards.

  • Consistently held record for most bugs discovered/reported against each Sound Blaster audio driver release.

  • Composed numerous test sets/test cases for the Sound Blaster audio drivers/SW features.

  • Performed testing on several PC/MAC video games for Creative's EAX 3D audio DSP.

  • Provided A/V and SW installation support for various internal needs via Helpdesk tickets.




Pro Tools HD 9 Operator Post (210P)


Pro Tools HD 8 Operator Music (210M)


Logic Pro 9 Master Pro (Level II)



Perceptive and passionate SQA Engineer with 7 years of experience and a Bachelor's degree in Sound Arts (Audio Engineering). Highly skilled in bug detection, test design/composition, and producing effective results efficiently. Experience working with Agile PLM and Scrum. Known for high attention to detail, and for promptly providing thorough coverage/results under strict scheduling deadlines.


Dum Spiro Spero - Carpe Diem, Carpe Nocturnum (EP)
Sep. 2011
Performed engineering/tracking of all four songs via SSL9000 J-series to Pro Tools HD 9; mixed all four songs via D-Control; mastered all four songs in Wavelab.
Victory and Associates - These Things Are Facts (LP)
Sep. 2011
Tracked lead vocals for six songs (“Get Tough, Get Through It,” “You Can't Eat Prestige,” “Not Returning,” “Mistake Museum,” “Turn Down The Guitars ['11],” “Home Is Where You Hang Your Hope”), and acoustic guitar for 2 songs (“Turn Down The Guitars ['11],” “Home Is Where You Hang Your Hope”).

Technical Qualifications:

Software: Pro Tools 9 HD, Logic Pro 9, Antares Auto-Tune, Adobe Photoshop/After Effects, Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, MS Office XP
Analog Consoles: SSL 9000 J Series, SSL 6000 E/G Series, Neve VR Legend, Soundcraft SM-20
Digital Consoles: ICON D-Control/D-Command, Digidesign Control 24, Yamaha DM2000, Yamaha M7CL, Yamaha O2R

Key Skills:

Audio: recording (engineering/tracking), mixing, mastering, troubleshooting, critical listening/analyzing, FOH, stage monitoring, post-production, editing, ADR, Foley
Electronics: repairs, wiring, soldering, tape machine calibration, troubleshooting
Music: performance (drumming), basic theory and composition
Computers: video editing, DVD authoring, troubleshooting, repairs, upgrades, QA
Professional: organization, efficiency, troubleshooting, adaptability, consistency, oral/written communication, problem-solving, leadership, self-sufficiency, managing/supervising, collaboration, contribution