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I'm an undergraduate Revelle student at UCSD majoring in human biology. I hope to pursue medical school or enter into a graduate program after graduation. I'm a hardworking individual who gives one hundred percent effort in anything that I do. My objective is to try and obtain a research position to further my knowledge in the study of pharmacology and hopefully use that knowledge to make a difference in the medical field.

Work experience

Jun 2010Sep 2014

Assisting in coaching Volleyball

St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic School and Notre Dame Academy

I helped the volleyball program in my elementary school after graduating and assisted in running practices. At my high school, after graduation I returned to help with try outs and aided with the new freshman and varsity team until I had to move to San Diego.

Sep 2010Jun 2014

Tutored at my local elementary school

St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic school 

I aided students in the 2nd to 5th grade with their work. Prominently in the areas of math and English.

Jun 2013Apr 2014

Volunteered at a special educations center

Sophia T. Salvin Special Education Center

I volunteered at this special education center, which had kids that had autism, in several different degrees, and other disabilities. I mostly worked with the kids by taking them out on walks, talking, playing, and feeding them. I also was able to do academic things with the students who were of high functioning anf 


Sep 2014Jun 2018

Undergraduate full time student

University of california, San Diego

Human Biology major with a possible minor in law and society or psychology


Can Lead

I've been captain and group leader in the past, so I can lead if I need to.

Strong communication skills

Since I've worked with a team before I tend to communicate well with others. I also speak Spanish and I'm conversationally fluent. I also understand a degree of french after studying it for 5 years.

Work well with others

I've played sports my entire life, including in the club volleyball team at UCSD, so I can work well with others  if needed be.

Highly motivated, positive, and dedicated

I'm highly motivated in all that I do and once I get involved in something I give it  my all.  I also tend to be very positive, so I will bring a sense of positivism to a room. 

Quick Learner

I tend to understand things very quickly and I will ask questions in the begining in order to move things along without delay.

Courses taken in 2014-2015 school year

  • Chemistry 6 series (General Chemistry)
  • Biology 3 (organismic and evolutionary biology)

Courses that will be taken 2015-2016 School Year

  • Organic chemistry 140 A and B
  • Biology 1 (The Cell) and 2 (Multicellular life)
  • Genetics
  • chemistry 7L