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Professional experience

Oct 2010Jun 2014

PhD candidate

Université de Strasbourg, Chemistry department

Doctoral thesis preparation within a joint PhD program in Membrane biophysics between University of Strasbourg and the University of Basel (Biozentrum).

The goal of my PhD project was providing better understanding of the interaction between cationic amphipathic peptides with model membrane and nucleic acid, and the mechanism of gene delivery by those peptides, which will allow the development of more efficient peptide-based transfection agents. The thermodynamic and structural parameters of such interaction were established.

Jan 2009Mar 2010

Compound quality control specialist

Enamine Ltd

Responsible for interpretation of NMR flash analysis data and attributing the compound quality labels


Oct 2010Jun 2014


Université de Strasbourg


Thesis title : Investigations of the membrane and nucleic acid interaction of the designed transfection peptide LAH4L1. Molecular mechanisms of complex formation and cellular entry

Oct 2007Jun 2008


Taras Shevchenko National University

Organic chemistry. Degree with honour. 

Thesis title : Reduction of 3-substituted isocoumarins for the synthesis of natural compound analogues


Primary laboratory skills

Spectroscopy : solid and liquid-state NMR,circular dichroism, fluorescence absorption; isothermal titration calorimetry, particle size determination (DLS); peptide synthesis and purification, organic synthesis. 

Other laboratory skills

Protein expression, mass spectrometry (MALDI), protein structure calculation

Analytical skills

Working with scientific databases, aggregation and analysis of research data

Soft skills

Oral and written communication of research results (presentation at scientific conferences, editing articles for science journals, writing PhD thesis); 



Dr. Pavel Mykhailiuk

Chief Scientific Officer at Enamine Ltd., Kiev, Ukraine

[email protected]