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I am enthusiast about new embedded technologies and a big fan of open source software as well electronic systems based on Linux kernel. I have contributed to  many IPTV and DVB Set Top Box projects , from requirements analysis to software development to maintenance and technical support of these systems. During my short experience, I have always enjoyed working on such cutting-edge technologies.

Work experience

Feb 2015Present

Embedded Software Developer

Company: SagemCom Software and Technologies

Products: Tricom, Numericable/SFR, Cabo Visao, La Zive SFR (UHD)

Developing and maintaining the Middleware layer based  on Sagem soft architecture (Buildroot 2012, 2014, 2015)

Integrator of NC/SFR project: preparing debug and release versions (for deployment), writing release notes, sanity checks, code analysis with klockwork..

Conditional Access: Implementing Verimatrix smart card APIs to interface betacrypt library with sagemcom middleware.

Writing the design document for Closed Caption standards: CEA 608, CEA 708. Implementing CC  subtitle  feature over Intel and Broadcom.

Implementing a specific IRD command  to force the network ID setting before scanning.

Daily Bug fixing related to different features: Closed Caption, Youtube Leanback, remote PVR , Casware, Media center, DLNA, remote control ...

Mar 2014Jan 2015

Consultant at SagemCom Software and Technologies

Consultancy Company: OPCMA

Products: Cyfra NC+  ( DSI83, DSIW74 HD )

Developing and maintaining the Middleware layer based  on Sagem soft architecture (Buildroot 2012)

Designing and developing IP RADIO new feature:  Playing audio streams from nc+ servers

Designing and developing APD new feature: Auto Power Down

Designing and developing Quick Zap feature: programming RCU keys enabling direct access to a specific service. Key mapping is controlled by the broadcaster.

Daily bug fixing related to different features: VoD, Front Panel management, Signal quality, PVR...

Feb 2014Mar 2014

Junior Software Engineer

Company: OPCMA Open Consulting & Management

Developing an embedded application for Raspberry PI board: Remote Print Box

This application runs as a service and enables subscribed users to print documents via cloud ( server). The Raspberry is connected to a distant printer, waiting for job requests.

Key words: Qt, Raspberry, webservice

Dec 2013Jan 2014

Web Developer

Company: MegaSoft Startup

Developing a web application for sending SMS in broadcast mode using 'sendxms' server.

Key words: PHP, Symfony, SQL server, Asterisk

Jan 2013Mar 2013

oDesk Freelancer

Company: oDesk platform

Writing a wiki page to document The Timer library for FPGA processors (ZPUino SoC) in Gadget Factory.

Chatting application based on Websocket (Server Side: C, Client side: HTML/JS)

Feb 2012Jun 2012

Graduation Project

Telnet Holding

* Development of an embedded HAL application for a Set-Top-Box based on chip STi5202

we have contributed for the study, design and development of an embedded Set-Top-Box kernel application . By using STAPI-SDK, we were invited to redo the arrangement of kernel functionalities within new modules. In other words, we have been asked to implement two char devices: Frontend-IP and Audio while reporting to HAL specifications of SoftAtHome (middleware provider)
Key words: C, embedded Linux, kernel

Jun 2011Aug 2011

Academic Training

SagemCom Software & Technologies

* Development of a user interface application to commnicate with a touchpad via USB port.

This application is designed to help the validation team during their tests on a multimedia tablet and automate the necessary tasks (manage embedded database, flash software versions, configure TR-069 client, wifi activation, get ip address..)
Key words: C++/Qt, Linux


May 2013May 2018

LPIC-1 (Linux Professional Institute)

System and Network administration

Licence: LPI000283057

May 2013May 2018

Novell Certified Linux Administrator (SUSE)

System and Network administration

Licence: CLA-LPI7dbnrdq8ph

Training Courses

  • Trainux Center: LPIC-1 certification course (10 days)
  • Info Technology Center: Linux Kernel (4 days)
  • Sagemcom Software & Technologies: DVB standards + Digital Audio/Video processing (3 days)
  • Sagemcom Software & Technologies: Buildroot presentation (1 day)

Knowledge & Skills

Programmation Languages

C/C++, Shell scripting, javascript, Python, Java, PHP

Embedded Linux Development

Buildroot 2012/2014, Cross compilation, GDB debugging, Remote debugging, Coredumps, NFS mode,  Kernel modules (char devices), STAPI SDK, Hardware Abstraction Layer, DirectFB, websocket.

IDE & Software Tools

Understand, Eclipse, Qt Creator, Geany, Vim, Client Line Interface (CLI), GDB, SVN, SQLite

Hardware Tools

Set-Top-Box Chipset (ST, Intel, Broadcom), Raspberry Pi (ARM)

Operating Systems

Linux (Debian, Redhat), Embedded Linux (STLinux, OS21), RTOS

Network & Standards

DVB-S, DVB-C, DVB-T, MPEG, DLNA, RTSP, TR-069, SNMP, DHCP, SSL, Wireshark, SSH, Telnet, Websocket

High Education

Sep 2009Sep 2012

Software Engineering degree

Engineering National School of Tunisia (ENIT)

Sep 2006Jun 2009

Maths-Physics Preparatory degree

Preparatory Institute for Engineering Studies of Tunis (IPEIT)

The IPEIT is an institution of higher education and research ability to provide preparatory training to students who will spend national competitions to integrate graduate engineering education.


  • English: Fluent (speaking, reading, writing)
  • French: Fluent (speaking, reading, writing)
  • German: Basic (speaking, reading, writing)
  • Arabic: Native language