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My love affair with all things electronic began at age 6 when I wrote my first "Hello World" in QBASIC. Within a few months I'd moved onto customizing my DOS installs, writing small computer games and could cobble together or upgrade a working machine from the spare parts my father had lying around.

Fast forward ten years and amidst modding games and starting to write my own game engine in C++ I landed a job at Pegasus as a Java developer. Despite having never touched Java at the time, something about it really hit home with me and I've never once looked back.

Over the years my role as the guy who'll do just about anything interesting has taken me through all facets of application design and development, DevOps and sysadmin to technical and solutions architecture.

Work History


Full-Stack Java Developer

NewsCorp Australia
  • Undertook a 3-month training session in the 3wks Beyond Agile development methodology.
  • Created a social media campaign management platform for the NewsXtend team with a working production release on the 3rd day of development.
  • Development and support of the NewsAdds platform.
  • Leading contributor on the Spring Boot Google App Engine plugin .

Senior Developer

  • Design of a double-entry accounting and point-of-sale module for

Technical Architect/Team Lead

Pegasus Management
  • Responsible for the technical and solutions architecture of the 'Apollo' project, the next-generation version of Pegasus' flagship product 'Onsite Track Easy'.
  • Delivered the Apollo project to production in December 2015.
  • Championed a organizational focus on code quality and clarity, implementing modern CI and code analysis tools such as SonarQube and Structure101.
  • Maintained a zero-tangle Java architecture through the enforcement of practical modular design patterns. This architecture facilitates greater agility by reducing the cross-cutting impact of change.
  • Managed a full cloud migration of development infrastructure to the cloud. Repositories, CI, test environments, etc. are all hosted off-site with significant reductions in maintenance overheads as well as greater accessibility for remote workers.
  • Designed an implementation-agnostic payment module for out web application that allows for new payment gateways to be registered without any changes to existing code.
  • Utilizing TeamCity and AWS Elastic Beanstalk, implemented automated deployment infrastructure that allows for one-click deployments into any environment, including production.

Senior Developer/Systems Administrator

Pegasus Management
  • Integrated agile methodologies into the existing development process, eventually fully replacing the previous waterfall approach.
  • Architected and built a new hardware-agnostic kiosk application designed for tablet-PC environments using a JavaFX interface and backed by 100% RESTful APIs.
  • Established a beach-head of new git repositories, eventually migrating all development to git repositories.
  • Implemented an internal Continuous Integration platform including automated test, build and delivery of both kiosk and SaaS application software.

Software Developer/Systems Administrator

Pegasus Management
  • Rolled out hundreds of new kiosk units utilizing my refactored architecture.
  • Migrated application server infrastructure to a virtualized private cloud model that allowed the application to scale in the face of rapid growth.
  • Pioneered the use of JIRA and Confluence servers for issue management and knowledge decentralization.
  • Ported all internal source repositories to SVN from the struggling CVS system.
  • Retrofitted a clustered second-level caching system into the Onsite platform.

Software Developer

Pegasus Management
  • Commenced a solo project to completely overhaul Pegasus' unwieldy kiosk software.
  • Took over responsibility for the maintenance of application infrastructure.
  • Transformed the application from a single-host SaaS platform to a multi-server architecture.
  • Diagnosed and remedied key performance bottlenecks in application page structure resulting in orders-of-magnitude performance improvements.

Trainee Software Developer

Pegasus Management
  • Offered a programming traineeship at Pegasus after applying for an unrelated position.
  • Promoted to full-time position after 11 months.
  • Developed a new mechanism for configuring Pegasus Kiosk units without requiring OS-level modification.
  • Designed a new hardware access control unit with server-side validation capabilities to replace the existing 'dumb' controllers used on several mine sites in the Hunter Valley.