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Work experience

Aug 2010Dec 2011

International Account Manager eHealth & Life Sciences

Andago Consulting Group

-Customized sales projects in advanced eHealth information technologies.

-Clients are national and international and include healthcare providers, insurance companies, telco    companies, medical device manufacturers, phamarceutical industries, mobile cell manufacturers and  other private entities interested in ehealth

-Sales Territory: Europe, Middle East, Latin America and part of USA

-Technical assistance and management of public auctions and procurements around Spain and Europe.

-Conferences and presentations of the mHealth platform in different countries, with more emphasis in   Spain.

-Demonstrations in situ and on-line of the technology platform to different target clients.

-Partnership negotiations and formalization of agreements at an international level.

Apr 2008May 2010

Account Manager Healthcare & Surgicals

Nash Médico Quirúrgica

-Sales activity based on reusable and single use microsurgical instruments for ophthalmology and ENT and general hospital and medical equipments.

-Sales Territory:  Community of Madrid, Castilla La Mancha, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.

-Target Clients: Public & Private Hospitals as well as medical centers

-Full attendance to surgical procedures for instrument testing and performance

-Participation in national important trade fairs and congresses related to sector

-Technical assistance and mangement of public auctions for specialized equipment and materials

Apr 2004Feb 2008

Product Manager Molecular Biology


-Search and evaluate new products and solutions in molecular biology laboratory procedures basically specialized equipments and reagents (DNA & RNA technology) in the Asian and North American markets

-Strong sales tasks in the South of Spain, Madrid Community and Castilla La Mancha (target of clients: Reserach Centres CSIC, Universities and public Hospitals)

-Management of  the distribution network around the country

-In house technical courses on sales techniques for molecular biology products and equipments.

-Translation of biotechnical manuals, brochures, dossiers and data sheets.

-Technical presentations for the public auctions and procurements

Jan 2000Feb 2004

Biotechnology Sales & Marketing (Area of Molecular Biology & Genomics)


-Development of the sales plan for highly specialized molecular biology services and diagnostics (human genetics diagnostics, forensic diagnostics, agrofood DNA based diagnostics, veterinary diagnostics and molecular biology services such as DNA sequencing, cloning, gene library constructions,  DNA micro and macroarrays and bioinformatics services for gene data processing)

-Commercial projection of the R+D+I  platform to emerging biotechnology markets and opportunities

-Development of new business opportunities and pipelines

-Presentations and conferences all over Spain and Europe



Masters in Sales & Marketing Management

Sep 1992Jun 1997

BSc Molecular Biology & Biomedicine

University of Navarra