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Work experience

Apr 2007Present

Waitress / bartender (student)

Restaurant St-Malo

I've been working at this restaurant in Ostend ever since I was old enough to work as a student. It's not what I want to do for the rest of my life, since I'd love to work in the music industry but I've been able to learn how to work long hours, work with other people and be friendly & helpful to costumers. I like talking to people and I love meeting people from all around the world. 

Feb 2011Apr 2011


Joy Fashion

I worked four days, as a part of my (short) internship at Joy Fashion. As a student I was able to go to fashion shows, work there and work at the office. My job consisted of making sure all the clothes were correct, matched with the right models, make sure the sound & video was alright and more. It was an all-round job at the fashion shows. I also worked at the office for one day, I had to fill in papers, create an online profile for the company, pick up phone calls and more. It was an amazing experience and I also learned quite a lot about myself during those four days. 


Sep 2009Present

Professional Bachelor

Karel de Grote Hogeschool
Sep 2003Jun 2009

High School

KA1 Centrum Oostende


Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Word
I am pretty experienced when it comes to Word. 
I've been studying French for a while now but my French isn't perfect at all. I understand most of the French vocabulary but having fluent conversations isn't the easiest thing for me to do. 
I've been speaking English for as long as I can remember, I spend weeks & months each year in the UK & the US. Most of my friends also live in the States or the UK so I speak English on a daily basis. It's not perfect but I am still studying this language so I'm hoping to improve it as much as I can. 
Dutch is my mother language. 


Ever since I was young I wanted to work with musicians. Music is what basically defines my entire life and I want to work behind the scenes and manage things. I'm not the type of person who can sit still for 9 hours, therefor I need a job that gives me the chance to challenge myself in all kinds of situations. I want to rediscover myself while I work.

Meeting new people is one of the most exciting things for me to do. I think it's amazing how you can become friends and work with people who have different backgrounds, people who were born in different cultures. I like to learn new things. I don't think you can ever learn too much. I have a very strong wanderlust and traveling is absolutely no problem for me. Luckily over the years I have met so many amazing and talented people who work in the music industry. From managers to musicians to people who own an event agency. I learned so much from them and I realized more and more that this is exactly what I want to do. Some of them have inspired me in so many ways.

When I start a certain project or task I will finish it. I can not do something incompletely. I am definitely a perfectionist, but this is not always a good thing. I tend to not always fully believe in my qualities and I easily get stressed out because I'm always afraid that what I've done isn't good enough. 

I'm very excited to start my career and I am very enthusiastic to discover more things and learn new ways of handling different situations.


As I mentioned before, I am very interested in music. Besides music I enjoy reading and watching movies. One of my "hobbies" is to travel and meet new people. I've been to several places in Europe such as Italy, Germany, Holland, the UK, Switzerland and more. I love America so I try to visit a couple times a year. I want to discover more places soon so on my list up next are Australia, Brasil and Cancun. 

I've been able to work behind the scenes at different concerts and I also interviewed bands and artists in the past, so I'm definitely interested in working for a magazine as well.