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Naok Financial, Inc., is a middle market business advisory firm that emphasizes financial control of investments. The unique design of each client's portfolio, along with careful monitoring of market trends, securities laws, and available products by the firm, allows clients to feel secure in relying on Naok’s management services not only to preserve their valued assets, but to build their wealth. The staff at Naok Financial represents a wide skill set through their varied experience and educations, giving clients a wealth of expertise to depend on for financial advice and services.H. Roger Daisley, Chairman at Naok Financial, is the author of 10 Ways to Fund a College Education—Without Giving Up Your Retirement, published by Blue Horizon Books. Former President of H. R. Daisley and Associates, LLC, in New York City, he is a Chartered Financial Consultant and sits on the Board of Directors for the Long Island Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association. He holds two Masters in Science degrees from American College in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, one in Management and one in Financial Services. The portfolio manager of the equity division at Naok Financial is Constantinos Kolokotronis, who has a record of strong financial returns. He attended the University of the West of England in Bristol, England, earning a First Class degree in Accounting and Finance before coming to the United States to work in the financial industry. Ruihan Tan is the Senior Analyst at Naok Financial, bringing experience in Chinese and U.S. financial markets to the team. He has six years of education in international business and finance, including a Master of Science from Boston University.Services offered by Naok Financial include access to investment products, wealth management, and real estate acquisitions and development. Naok Financial is domiciled at 39 Broadway in New York, New York.

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Work experience

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